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Invite Stephen to Teach a School of the Prophets


A glory school that teaches followers of Christ from the bible about the power and responsibility of the prophetic ministry that Jesus has entrusted to the church, while releasing the manifest presence of God to usher faith communities into a new level of prophetic encounters with God!

Invite Stephen to Minister at Your Church

Are You Desiring for Your Church to Grow in the Prophetic?

We’ve helped hundreds of churches and leaders grow in the prophetic and come up higher in kingdom culture!

Attention Pastors & Leaders,

Are you feeling stuck in your spiritual growth personally or as a church? Do you long to experience the supernatural power of the God & the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in your church regularly, but feel like there’s a blockage in the spirit to this? Or maybe you have a healthy church, but just need some fresh encouragement from a new voice in this season? We can help!

Stephen Powell is an anointed revivalist & prophet who has been working closely with pastors and leaders in the church for many years to help them usher in the kingdom in their churches, equipping them to walk in the abiding glory of God as they move forward with the call on their lives!

Stephen has recently put together a power school of the prophets that He’s been teaching in churches all over America, and the results have been amazing! The glory realm comes every time Stephen teaches from the Word and shares about his amazing prophetic experiences that He’s had since childhood involving face to face visitations of Jesus and angels. Here are some of the subjects covered in his new school:

Module 1: Foundations for the Prophetic

► Sonship, Intimacy, & the Prophetic

► Basic Prophetic - Level One Prophetic

► The Gift of Prophecy

► The Office of the Prophet

Module 2: Different Ways That Prophets Hear God & Receive Revelation

► Dreams

► Visions

► Visitations

► Keys to Activating, Growing in, & Stewarding the Prophetic

► Hindrances to Revelation

Module 3: Different Manifestations of the Prophet

► The Nabiy Prophet

► The Seer Prophet

► Ranks & Classes of Prophets

► Additional Classifications of Prophets

► Level 5 Prophets

Module 4: Prophets & the Glory Realm

► The Seven Spirits of God

► The Spirit of Prophecy

► Prophets Work with Angels

► Prophetic Realms

Module 5: Spiritual Warfare

► Prophets & Spiritual Warfare

► Overcoming the Spirit of Jezebel

► The Spirit of the False Prophet

Module 6: Healthy Prophets in the Local Church

► Prophetic Protocol in the Local Church

► Prophetic Accountability

► Prophets Under Authority

► Healthy Prophets

Click here to book a one-on-one zoom call with Stephen at your convenience to discuss your unique needs as a church/ministry & to see if Stephen would be a good fit in your church as a guest minister in the near future!

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