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Lion of Light Ministries is a ministry of signs and wonders, because we're a ministry of power. We believe that the kingdom of God is not in word only, but power (1 Cor.4:20), and that there should be a "demonstration" of the Spirit of God and power evident in our midst (1 Cor.2:4) because God is in our midst!

We believe that the power ministry of the Holy Ghost and of Jesus is not limited to physical healings or familiar miracles, but also includes extraordinary signs and wonders, even some that can be puzzling. This was demonstrated by the Lord Jesus himself when He did extraordinary miracles and manifested incredible signs and wonders that were not recorded in the law and prophets, and that the Jewish people had no reference for. They were forced to follow Jesus after the Spirit, not after fitting all of his signs and wonders into their neat and tidy theological box. Because of our knowledge of the ministry of Jesus, we believe that God specializes in offending our minds to reveal our hearts, and one of the tools He uses to do this is extraordinary signs and wonders. 

We are also aware that the bible speaks of “lying signs and wonders” (2 Thes.2:9), so as a ministry we endeavor to be watchful, vigilant, and remain pure in the flow and manifestation of the Spirit so that we don’t deceive others and don’t become deceived ourselves. Every sign and wonder must glorify Jesus, point people to Jesus, and must never exalt self. No sign and wonder should ever take away from the centrality of Christ, and no sign and wonder should ever distract from the message of the gospel. So although our ministry is a ministry of signs and wonders, our main message remains Jesus and the gospel, not signs and wonders. Signs point somewhere, and we use the signs and wonders that God has blessed us with to point people to Jesus and make people aware of their great need for a Savior!


Here are some testimonies with pictures of signs and wonders that I've seen down through the years as I've walked with God! I pray this inspires your faith and makes you more hungry to experience the Lord! - Stephen Powell


Signs and wonders fall into the category of prophetic ministry, not just power ministry. They often follow the ministries of prophets, therefore they are often accompanied by the Word of the Lord which comes through visitations that release signs and wonders.

This picture shows a supernatural feather that manifested when I was ministering in an Athabascan village in Alaska a few years ago. I had been meditating on Psalm 91 in a little parsonage there that had been built for guests of the village on a Saturday night, when suddenly the glory of the Lord filled the room and I fell into a trance. As my spiritual eyes adjusted I saw an angel standing before me, who I instinctively knew was named “Jasper” (which comes from the Persian name Casper, meaning “treasure bearer”). As this angel stood before me I saw a feather in the spirit floating down in front of me. I reached out my hand and it landed on my right palm.

The angel took me to different places in the state of Alaska and showed me resources buried in the earth that God was going to give to kingdom-minded people that would use it for his glory. Shortly after this encounter I met an Alaska native prophet who had graduated from Gordon Lindsay’s “Christ for the Nations” bible school in Texas, who had started his own oil company in Alaska. I took this as a confirmation to what the angel had shown me.

When I came out of the trance I saw no feather that night, but the next morning when I preached in the church there in the village on Father’s Day, the feather that I had held in the spirit the night before manifested in the offering plate as it was being passed around. To me personally, it was a sign of what I had read in (Ps.91:4): “He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”! God was speaking through the sign and wonder that He would cover me with his feathers, and that as I abided in the secret place and stayed hidden in Christ through prayer, that He would supernaturally protect me in the years to come!

Several years after I had this encounter, I received a message from an Alaska native lady on facebook messenger asking me about this angel named Jasper. Turns out this lady was born in a village in Alaska that was close to where I saw Jasper all those years ago, and Jasper had appeared to her in a dream and spoken to her as well! She found a post of mine on the internet talking about it years ago when she googled “angel named Jasper”! Isn’t that amazing! Another incredible confirmation to the encounter and the Word of the Lord that I received all those years ago!


This feather appeared on my arm publicly as I told the testimony of the visitation from Jasper in another church shortly after the visitation.


This is a sign and a wonder caught on camera as I was conducting revival meetings in South Africa a few years ago. I remember clearly that night the fire of God falling all over the sanctuary and people manifesting as they were touched by the fire. Although the picture is a bit fuzzy because it was taken as we were moving very fast in the impartation lines, you can still see that the woman being prayed for is wearing a grey suitcoat, and that the fire of God is engulfing her whole torso areas as I lay my hand on her! When God said he would baptize us in the Holy Ghost and fire (Matt.3:11) He meant it! It's literal, not figurative language!


In December 2014 I was caught up into heaven and I visited with a prophet there that had just gone home to be with the Lord that year. There were three main components to this encounter: 1) I saw this prophet ascend into heaven from the earth and walk through the gates of heaven; 2) I spoke with him for what felt like an hour in earth time and He told me to "mirror him"; 3) The visitation ended with him handing me a peacock feather.

Here, in this picture, I believe you’re seeing that peacock feather that that prophet gave to me in heaven all those years ago. Here in this picture that was taken with my wonderful parents (Dennis & Jenice Powell) in the year 2016, you can see a large peacock feather on my right shoulder, along with the rest of the peacock plumage going down the front right side of my body as several feathers making up a mantle. The peacock represents the seer prophet because they have eyes on their feathers, which represents the seer's ability to see through their sharp discernment. The largest feather is the one given to me by this prophet, which represents an impartation of his seer prophet’s mantle. It rests upon my shoulder, because that is where the government rests in the kingdom of God (Is.9:6), and the impartation that I received from that prophet in that encounter has helped me to stand in the governmental office of the prophet since, just as He did while on the earth.

God permitted me to see him “as He went” to fulfill one of the scriptural requirements for receiving an impartation from another’s mantle. Elisha had to see Elijah go in order for him to receive of his mantle (2 Kings 2:10). I don’t claim to have this prophet’s mantle, but I know I carry an impartation from him, and I am thankful to God for this gift which has helped me significantly down through the years in my ministry!

He told me to “mirror him” in heaven as we talked face to face in that encounter. This was a word from the Lord about seeing this prophet in me and having the faith to believe God to use me as powerfully as God had used him on the earth in his life and ministry. Many times, we so highly exalt great men and women of God to the point that it becomes so far out of reach for God to use us just as mightily, if not more mightily. But we must remember, they were people like us (James 5:17), and God’s generals of the past are gone. We are the ones that are here on the earth for such a time as this, and God is raising up a whole new generation of prophets and wonder-workers to bring in the great end-time harvest!


Here's a more enhanced version of the same photo with a picture of peacock feathers beside it for reference! It's also interesting that a rainbow appeared on my forehead at the same time my mantle was caught on camera, which speaks of the seven spirits of God.


Now this is probably one of the most controversial signs and wonders that has happened in my ministry, but I know it was the Lord, so I’m sharing it with you! This happened during a revival meeting I was doing in which the glory realm was clearly manifesting in signs and wonders. There was so much gold that fell that night that the pastor told me the babies were stilling picking it up on their hands when crawling on the floor months later.

This blood mark appeared on the hand of a fourteen year old girl that night who was the only person to get saved that night and give her life to Jesus. I felt the Lord gave her the sign to remind her that she was now covered by the blood of Jesus and that her sins had been washed away. Did God have to give her a sign for her to know that? No. Do we all need a sign in order to believe this gospel truth? No. But God did give her this sign that night, and I’ve chosen not to argue with him or tell him how to do his job!

The pastor of the church told me that it eventually disappeared after several weeks. Here’s a scripture for blood manifestations in the bible: (Acts 2:19) “I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath: Blood and fire and vapor of smoke.” It’s been up to interpretation what “blood and fire and vapor of smoke” looks like when it does manifest as a sign and a wonder from the Lord. Well, here’s one of the interpretations. God will sometimes give signs and wonders that look like blood to attest to the blood of His son Jesus Christ and the power that is in that blood!


These gem stones appeared when I was staying at a pastor's home in central California. The red ruby looking one appears on my book table, in the top right corner of my teaching series on the Seer (interestingly enough), and the white looking one dropped on the sofa right beside me out of thin air as I was having coffee one morning with the pastor!


This is an amazing picture of an angel of justice that appears to me in trance and then was caught on camera in the sky above our meeting in Canada by the worship leader for the meeting.

You can see the angel's large wings towering over top of him, along with a drawn sword in his left hand, and the trane of his robe hanging down below him. This angel appeared in Brantford, Ontario when I was conducting a series of meetings on a tour I called “Open Heavens” in 2019. Brantford means “city of the sword”. This angel appeared right at a time when judgment and exposure was being released in the church on some leaders that had refused to repent and respond to the Lord.

After Brantford, I then traveled to Chicago, Illinois and conducted the last meeting on the tour there. There this angel appeared to me in a trance in my hotel room. He had the appearance of sandstone (which is one of the hardest most durable minerals on earth, speaking of God’s unbreakable unchanging justice). He spoke to me and said,

“I am an angel of justice and I have been hewn from the rock of offense. I’ve been placed by your side by the Almighty to assist you in this time. You will offend and you will roll. You will cause those to stumble in this hour who don’t stand for me, for I have placed in your hand a sword of justice which will pierce the hearts of men in all corners of the earth. Allow the Lord to hold you tightly, for in his firm hand you shall be the instrument of the Lord. With precision and power you will shatter the towers of men, for in this hour I will shower down righteousness upon the earth and this land. Only you know how far I’m willing to go to offend. You have my mind concerning this. Do not bend.”

I was then given the scripture: (Is.8:14) “He will be as a sanctuary, but a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense To both the houses of Israel, as a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.”

Jesus was the Savior of Israel, but He was also their judgment as well, for in rejecting him and crucifying him the nation sealed their end as ancient Israel. When the Lord comes with justice He comes as a “stone of stumbling and a rock of offense”. Israel was offended with Jesus and they stumbled over his words and his ministry, and this in turn facilitated the justice and the judgment of God at that time. The same is happening today in the church. God is sending messengers of justice throughout the earth, and they have become as stumbling blocks and stones of offense to prideful arrogant ministries who think they are above God’s dealings. At the time of this visitation we saw do some very powerful things in judgment and exposure in the church, which we believe led to the events that began to transpire within the next six months in 2020.


This picture was taken on June 9th, 2019 in Rochester, New York, over the home of a widow with my surname, Powell (which means son of saint Paul). On the same day I was preaching in Moravian Falls, North Carolina at Morningstar Ministries' church there. That morning, before I ministered, I was caught up into Paul the Apostle's courtroom in heaven and I was called upon to be a "witness" in a case that was being tried in those courts.

Within days of me having this encounter it became clear that God was judging someone that I was close to, as unsolicited testimonies began to come to me concerning this leader's sin. Fast forward to August 22nd, 2019.... I am staying at the house of this widow in Rochester, New York where this picture was taken, and that is the day that God asked me to release a public exposure of sin that went viral on the internet. That was the day that judgment was released.

The bibel says "My sword has drunk its fill in the heavens; see, it descends in judgment on Edom, the people I have totally destroyed" (Is.34:5). When a sword appeared in the heavens, it is a sign of judgment coming down from God.

I stayed at this house in Rochester and then went on to Brantford, Ontario right after, and that's when the angel with the drawn sword appeared (shown in the picture above).

Signs and wonders speak of God's love, his goodness, his mercy, but they can also speak of his justice and judgment that He's releasing in the earth.

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