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Is Donald Trump's Easter Hope Prophetic?

Is Donald Trump's Easter Hope Prophetic?

You know if you’ve been watching the news this last week how much our President has been hammered by the media for voicing his hopes for restarting the economy and sending Americans back to work by Easter. But was this some random hope that Trump entered into and spoke out? Is there something more behind this?

I’ve recently documented several prophetic voices (even going back to last year before there was even a hint of the coronavirus) who have all spoken of the time of Passover this year, April 8-16, as being a real turning point for this virus, particularly in the United States. Easter is April 12th, a few weeks away at the time of this writing, taking place just after Passover begins on the Hebrew calendar. What is God saying right now?

Beni Johnson, wife to Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California, posted on her instagram on March 15th a prophecy spoken by Chuck Pierce last year in the month of September (1). The prophecy from last year, September 2019, stated two key things: 1) that a “massive plague-like invasion would test the nations until Passover”; 2) “The nations would come into turmoil until that time”. It seems pretty clear that Chuck Pierce nailed the part about a plague-like invasion bringing the nations into turmoil, and I believe He was also accurate when he said “until”. This plague-like invasion will test us until Passover.

Another prophet named Tracy Cooke, on a recent Coronavirus TV special with Sid Roth, spoke something similar to Chuck Pierce. Here is the transcript from the part of his delivery about the Coronavirus & Passover, a revelation that God gave him on January the 15th of this year:

“On January 15th he told me within four months … they'll make it April the 15th through 16th …. What is that to the nation of Israel? It's the Passover time… so we're gonna start seeing this virus diminish… so God has a plan to break the spirit of fear over the world that we don't get entrapped with more danger that’s lurking.” (2)

In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established (Deut.17:6; 2 Cor.13:1). I’m personally choosing to believe that this is a genuine word from the Lord that he’s confirmed by multiple prophetic witnesses, and also by the words of our President (even if He doesn’t fully understand the prophetic timetable). I’m asking you to join your faith with mine and believe for this virus to “diminish” by Passover of this year, as we look to Jesus as our Passover (1 Cor.5:7). Let’s command this virus to pass over us! Let’s agree with the President’s optimistic projection, for the economy to be restarted and for Americans to be able to go back to work by Easter, not because of a premature unwise gambel based on political reasons, but because the Lord is decreeing it . Let’s agree with the President not because of your own personal feelings toward him, but because the Lord is putting his prophetic word and prophetic timeline in the mouth of his servant Donald Trump. The Lord is putting his word in the mouth of the President concerning this matter and we need to join our President in this belief and faith declaration. Don’t agree with the democrats who are projecting months and months of this virus wreaking havoc and keeping the economy in a free fall. That is the desire of Satan, not the desire of God concerning this time and season. Agree with the prophets in the year 2020 and prosper (2 Chron.20:20). Agree with President Donald Trump concerning this word and let’s get the economy going again and prosper this year! Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ our Passover, so that this virus might pass over us and we might prosper in all things and be in health, even as our souls prosper (3 John 1:2).

In His Service, Stephen Powell

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