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In the previous article in this series I talked about How I saw a vision of Donald Trump being inaugurated this year. I explained how I believe I was under a compromised prophetic anointing of sorts when I saw this, as I was listening to another prophet who has doubled and tripled down on Trump predictions, and therefore I’ve come to reject this particular revelation as being the word of the Lord along with a few other words I’ve received. It is my firm conviction that, according to scripture, prophets can and do see/sense many things from the spiritual realm, all of it isn’t purely from God. Knowing what to reject is just as important as knowing what to release as a prophet. It is a vulnerable and immature prophet that believes everything they see and hear.

In this article I’ll discuss the last two visions I had in a series of revelations which I received that night after I saw the one of Trump being inaugurated. I pray that this continued focus and subject matter is a blessing to you.


In another vision I had on the night that I was visited by both a true prophetic anointing and a Jezebelic witchcraft attack, I saw Nancy Pelosi in a room hiding from reporters and people with cameras trying to get into the room from outside. Even though I couldn’t see anything inappropriate, I knew in this vision that she wasn’t fully clothed and she was afraid of someone taking an embarrassing picture of her to show to the world. The last thing I saw before this particular vision ended was one of the camera people somehow getting through and He was about to snap that embarrassing picture of her to show to the world.

Now once again, if I didn’t know what spirit I was under when observing this vision I’d be tempted to prophesy to the world that the Lord was going to expose Nancy Pelosi, and that something for the good of the kingdom and the good of America was going to come out of it. But as I’ve already stated, I do not trust these visions that I had on this particular night just like I do not trust the words, the visions, and the dreams of so many prophets operating today in spirit-filled communities and online. Just because you have a vision that seems to indicate “positive things” doesn’t mean it’s from the Spirit of God. As I’ve stated already in the previous article, even if Nancy is exposed like I saw I doubt it will mean anything, just like this vision doesn’t mean anything. It’s all for nothing if the nation doesn’t repent and we don’t turn our hearts back to God.


16 “Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you. They make you worthless; They speak a vision of their own heart, not from the mouth of the Lord.

17 They continually say to those who despise Me, ‘The Lord has said, “You shall have peace” ’; And to everyone who walks according to the dictates of his own heart, they say, ‘No evil shall come upon you.’ ”

Prophecy that speaks of only good things to come for a covenant nation that has sinned, rebelled against God, and despised the Lord is “worthless prophecy” that makes the people listening to it “worthless”, just like Jeremiah said. Why is it worthless? Because it doesn’t factor in the sin equation with how God deals with people and nations that have not put their trust in Christ and turned to him. The prophecies are worthless and it makes people worthless, why? Because the people end up laboring for something that will never come, for something that will never happen, because the desire and the hope was born out of their own hearts and not the heart of God. The prophecy came from false promises that are not based in the reality of God’s word.

I can’t help but see the connection between this deception in the prophetic community and the deception that’s been at work in our government concerning the pandemic. We surrendered our liberties willingly without a fight, all based on the false hope of getting back to life as usual once we “gave two weeks to stop the spread”. But here we are more than a year later with these draconian unscientific measures still in place, and it’s been proven that our sacrifice and cooperation was “worthless”. It only aided in delivering us further over to the domain of the Evil One and the atheistic communist spirit. The same has been mirrored in the prophetic community. The spirits on these prophets have taken your money, they’ve taken your following, they’ve captured your very souls with it’s desires, hopes, and fears. This spirit has promised you a restored America, a new American Zion with Trump at the helm, but what have you to show for all of your cooperation with this spirit? What have you to show for the money, time, and faith you’ve given to it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Things are not better in America, they are worse, and if scripture has the final say (which it always does) things will only get worse, not better, for the covenant nation that continues to butcher it’s babies and publicly honor and protect abomination. As it was with Israel at the time of their bondage, so it is with American Christians today in our current bondage. Our prophets have made us worthless. Our efforts under their leadership have amounted to nothing, and just like in Jeremiah’s day the people are content to go on believing delusion despite the painstakingly obvious lack of fruit. Lord help us.


In another vision that I saw that night I simply observed the Lord signing a contract for America. As I looked closely at the signature on the form I saw that the Lord had signed his name as “Hope”.


“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.”

I currently believe that many people’s hopes have been deferred making their hearts sick because much of their hopes have been rooted in falsehood. They’ve been given false hope through false teaching, false doctrine, and false prophecy, and they can’t figure out why their heart is so sick. They’re confused, they have bouts with anger, they battle against harboring hatred for those who don’t agree with them, and they find themselves doubting basic tenets of their faith which they’ve never struggled to believe before. These are symptoms of a sick heart and the root of it is a false hope, produced by false prophecy, which ultimately comes from a false gospel and false christ. Jesus is not interested in saving the American dream, He’s interested in saving souls for eternity. Jesus is not interested in preparing you for the second coming of Trump, He’s interested in preparing you for his second coming and the day of judgment which will follow.

I find it interesting that the Tree of Life, which is found in the book of Genesis, is watered by the same river coming out of Eden that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is watered by (Gen.2:10). Both are sustained and presented to man from the same source, but one leads to life and the other leads to death. The Lord says, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live” (Deut.30:19). Notice how it’s God that sets both good and evil before you. It wasn’t the devil that planted the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden, it was the Lord. Does this make God evil? Absolutely not. But it certainly makes his ways mysterious and not so easily summed up in our favorite Christian catchphrases today.

God put before Adam & Eve the Tree of Life (which is Christ) and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (the way of the world), but they had to choose. Both trees were pleasant to the sight, good for food, and desirable. Think of that. The bible says that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was actually “good” (Gen.3:6). You’ve heard it said that the enemy of great is good, but I say to you that good is often the enemy of God. This is why the modern day “Good is Good” gospel is so dangerous.

Many of the prophecies that have been released about America over the last 4-5 years have been prophecies of good things, but much of them have come from the soul of man where the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is still bearing fruit. Much of the modern day prophetic ministry has not borne the fruit of Christ in word and deed. It has produced in the church a sickness of heart due to the false hope which people have been living on for years and haven’t even known it.

The truth may not be as sexy, but it leads to life and peace in the Holy Ghost. It leads to Christ. In this regard many have not wanted to follow Christ, because it has led to a public whipping post which human nature avoids when possible. To have a voice of dissent from the prophetic madness that has conquered the laity today has been equated to being “unpatriotic”, not being a lover of God, or not trusting God if you no longer believe the so-called prophets. But wasn’t the same accusations levied against Jeremiah when He told the children of Israel to serve Nebuchasnezzar because God had given Israel over to him (Jer.27:6)? He was called a traitor to the state of Israel, unpatriotic, and evil (Jer.37). He was thrown into prison and given the bread of affliction like many other prophets of the Lord that had gone before him and have also succeeded him (1 Kings 22:27; Is.30:20). As it was then so it is today. It seems that although Christians have Christ the baser nature of a man has not changed, and without sufficiently crucifying that nature with the cross we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes Israel made. Lord have mercy on us.


The last vision I had that night was of an overweight man trying to escape a mental hospital at which he had been detained for his words and his behavior. He had jet black hair and He was wearing very thick glasses. I saw him as he was trying to be stealthy and light on his feet as He was trying to evade the Nurse’s watch to sneak out. I saw him trying to sneak out unnoticed, but at some point along this journey to escape he badly injured his right arm and was losing a lot of blood. The closer He got to freedom the more light headed he became from the loss of his life blood. The more blood he lost the more blurry his vision became also, which was already really blurry, which I knew by the thickness of the glasses he wore. The last I saw of him in this vision didn’t look good. It looked like he would surely be apprehended in his current state and confined once again to his quarters in the insane asylum.

I believe there be a portion of the American people, possibly 70-80 million strong who are Christian conservatives (which the world would call the far right), but because of the things they’ve said and the behavior they’ve exhibited (especially during “The Trump Era”) they’ve found themselves in a kind of bondage from the spirits that rule this country. The spirit behind liberal elitism has successfully painted religious conservatives as crazy threats to national and social interests. Now the Biden administration has tasked different department heads with “rooting out the extremists of the radical right”, which is to say the carrying of oppression against conservative christians who believe the bible and stand up for Judeo-Christian values. Having godly values and thoughts are the symptoms of “mentally unstable people” to the demonized lefitst hive mind. That’s the mental hospital in my vision.

They see us as those who need “mental help”, who are in need of a deeper and invasive re-education. If it hasn’t already come through hollywood in the movies we watch and the shows that keep our minds occupied (even more so during the era of lockdowns); if it hasn’t already come through the education system, the lessons taught to our children,and the text books issued to our young people who are college ready; if it hasn’t already come by the gradual indoctrination of a society, then it will now come through the threat of financial loss, the threat of cancel culture, and the threat of losing the ability to provide for your family if you don’t get on board and start walking their walk and talking their talk. This is reality we currently face in these ripened last days.

The man in my vision is terribly overweight and his right arm has been fatally wounded because this is the American people. We’ve become fat on the wealth and leisure provided by a nation that Has been blessed by God for generations, and we have not been fit socially, economically, mentally, and most important spiritually. We’ve blinked and found ourselves in a prison of sorts because we’ve been diagnosed as crazy and mental, and the right arm of our government is powerless bleeding out right in front of our eyes with this epic election loss and all the fallout that has come since. In our support of Trump we may have delivered the fatal blow to the only arm of government that’s been able to keep the atheistic communist spirit at bay. It seems to me that this was a set up for our fall in judgment as a nation.

Our glasses are thick because our vision has been getting worse and worse for a long time. And if our eye sight wasn’t already bad enough, now we’re losing blood, we’re becoming lightheaded, and our vision is even more blurry. We can no longer see the way out. We’ve tried to be crafty, we’ve tried to be stealthy, we’ve tried to solve this nation’s problems with the brilliance and carefulness of man, but nothing has worked. Things have only gotten worse.


In the visions of God I see another man named Eli and he’s about ready to fall over backwards and break his neck. Eli was a man who’s vision had begun to dim in a time when there was no open vision (1 Sam.3:1-3). The prophets can’t seem to see clearly and the lamp of God has gone out in the temple. The apostolic gospel is not being preached in many churches, and the judgment has begun in the house of God. It is a house which has tolerated the sins of Eli’s sons and has done nothing to stop them before the damage is already done. As the time of Eli comes to an end a child is born unto them, but it is not the Lord, the manchild, the express image of God’s glory to man. This child’s name is Ichabod (1 Sam.4:21), and all the people wonder, “Where has the ark of the covenant gone”? Why has the glory, the wealth, and the protection lifted off of this nation?”. The voice of the Lord speaks saying, “You have perverted my ways and gone after other gods, and that is why you have been stripped of what you had.”

Will the man make it out of the mental hospital? Will the American people make it out of this mess? In my vision I didn’t see the man apprehended, and I didn’t see him pass out yet, although He was headed there quickly. I believe ultimately the American people will make it out but only when their hope is once again in Christ, and I still think that’s a long way off. We’re in for some real hard times here in America, so in the words of Dana Coverstone I say to you, “Brace yourself, for this storm will not soon pass”. The perfect storm which John Paul saw is currently upon you for the judgment of this nation and the moving forward of endtime events, and it will not be a short lived storm. It will not afford you a quick and easy out, or a quick and easy end. It will try you to your core and only those who are rooted and grounded in Christ shall endure to the end. Make sure your soul is anchored in the Lord, lest your faith be swept away in the tide and torrent of what is presently upon us. A perfect storm of political, economic, social, religious, and geo-physical tests and trials is upon us which shall shake everything to it’s foundations to reveal its roots. The oak tree shall be left bare, stripped of its branches, it’s leaves, and it’s bark (Ps.29:9), and only the roots will remain for those who are in Christ. But fret not, for those who are rooted and grounded in Christ as this storm plays its role in human history shall find the tree of life offered to those who overcome with the Lord (Rev.2:7). This tree of life bears twelve manner of fruit for every month of the year, and it’s leaves are given for the healing of the nations (Rev.22:). It’s leaves shall be given for the healing of America as well once this perfect storm has passed. And it will pass saints, just hold onto the Lord and his word during this time of testing. He will never let you down. He will never let your heart grow sick with lies and false hope just as long as you look to him and put the talebearer away from you. His hope will come for those who look to him, and when his desire comes it will be that tree of life for you!


Now some of you might be asking yourself why I interpreted the last vision as a word from the Lord to America and the church, and why I didn’t handle it like the others. And in response to that inquiry I would say that there’s a message in that as well. I think it illustrates the point I believe the Lord is trying to make here perfectly. I think the Lord put that vision in the mix to make a very important point and that is: Just because there’s mixture in the prophetic community doesn’t mean you throw out everything in it. Just because the prophetic office is compromised today doesn’t mean it’s completely lost its value. The scripture passage that comes to mind is:

(1 Thes.5:19-22)

“Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.”

Even the structuring of these verses by the Holy Ghost seems to suggest that it’s all mixed in there,... good, evil, prophecy, things that need to be tested and things that need to be abstained from. Kind of like how there were two trees in the same garden, how there was Adam and a serpent in the same garden. But we must always remember, God didn’t burn the garden down because the tree of the knowledge of evil was in its midst, or because the devil infiltrated it like He’s infiltrated the church. He just commanded his children to “abstain” from that tree and to not listen to the serpent, and that is what we must do as well until the time of the harvest is fulfilled (Matt.13:24-30). Until the time of end, the wheat and the tares will grow together according to God’s plan, just as the two trees grew together in the garden. While they do we must choose Christ, and part of choosing Christ is choosing Christ the Prophet in his church!

So my final exhortation to you in this series is to test all things and hold fast to that which is good, just as I’ve endeavored to do in my own personal prophetic life. If you are activated in the gifts of the spirit and if you hear the voice of God, you will always hear the voice of the stranger as well. Only don’t follow in the way of Eve and the first man Adam. Do not listen to that voice. Follow the voice of the second man Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, the True Prophet who is still speaking through the prophetic ministry today! Do not fear. If you’re wholly committed to the Lord, to his word, and to obeying him when He speaks, the power of God that is at work within you is far greater than any power to deceive you. Trust in his sovereign grace to keep you. Trust in his Spirit at work within animating you to speak and to do of his good pleasure. You were created unto good works. Go and walk in them and know that His power is perfected in your weakness, even if it’s prophetic weakness being exposed in this hour!

In his Service,

Stephen Powell



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