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In the previous articles in this series I’ve been discussing some encounters I had, on two nights in particular in the month of January, as I fell asleep listening to some prophets who have been very active in Trump predictions. Some may ask why I listen to people if I don’t believe much of what they’re presenting, which is the case with many whom one might call “Trump prophets”.

My first answer to that question would be that I want to always be open to what God might say to me through others, even if they’re people I don’t generally agree with. Even people whom you might consider to be the most misled still have the propensity to speak truth, and I have a code of conduct in my own life which says that I’m to always humble myself and stay open to what others have to say. Having said that, now that I’ve continued to listen and God has confirmed to me a spirit working among many of these prophets, there are a few whom I’ll be listening to a lot less for now because I know what I know and I have to protect the truth which God has given to me to steward. Being open is one thing, but willfully continually opening yourself up to deceiving/familiar spirits is another and you have to establish boundaries once God has clearly spoken.

My second answer would be that I consider it my full-time job to be someone who is well-informed with what is passing as “the word of the Lord” in the church so that I might more effectively serve those I’m called to lead as a servant-leader. I have to know what the church is facing and what is happening in the church if I’m to gain any wisdom from the Lord about how to lead God’s people through these troublesome times. I don’t claim to be the Moses of this generation to lead God’s people through, but for my part according to his grace, I endeavor to be faithful with my portion of his fivefold governmental leadership which He’s entrusted to me. The Apostle John addressed the gnostic heresy of the early church in every one of his writings. In order to do that He would have had to have studied it to a degree in order to understand it. This is why I continue to faithfully study the modern day prophetic movement along with all of it’s key players that exercise the most influence over the church.

But if you recall from the prior article, I saw Donald Trump in a vision being inaugurated this year for his second term in office, but I’ve come to believe that that vision came from a lying spirit. Because of this conclusion which I’ve come to, which I believe has been with the Lord’s help, I have to reject this vision (along with a few others) before the Lord. If you recall I also heard a series of audible phrases while in the vision. For those of you who haven’t read the previous article or who need a refresher, here’s what I heard in the spirit:

  1. “The corruption is being exposed, the Trump era has begun”.
  2. “The Constitution is not finished,... Lincoln’s memorial”.
  3. “Make it happen”
  4. “It will be refunded”
  5. “A new Snowden”
  6. “Highly embarrassing moments are coming that everyone knows about”.

In the prior article, I covered the first two lines of revelation and what I felt they meant. In this article I’ll cover the last four the best I can with what I feel the Lord is showing me through it.


If any of you have been following what’s been coming out of the prophetic community since the rise of Trump then you may notice some of the catch phrases mentioned above which I heard while under this unusual mixture of anointing. The phrases “a New Snowden” and “Highly embarrassing moments” comes from a Kim Clement prophecy spoken in the year 2012 (1), which many people believe to be contextually speaking of the rise of Donald Trump and what He would bring to America. We’ve seen “highly embarrassing moments” come to people in power like the Clintons and the Bidens with the exposure they’ve had, and I think we’ve also seen the rise of this “new Snowden” which I believe was and is Julian Asange. Edward Snowden worked for the government in the intelligence community and came out as a whistleblower to let the American people know all the illegal things which were being done under the Obama administration to spy on the American people. Because he blew the whistle on that information he had to flee the country to Russia, where He can’t be extradited back to the United States. So suffice to say He’s paid a price for His brave act, but what’s interesting to me with all of this is that even though the “highly embarrassing moments” have come for the powerful elite, it still didn’t end with indictments and justice like many thought. Even though a “new Snowden” has arisen, Trump didn’t pardon him before leaving office, nor did He pardon the original Snowden. Instead He chose to pardon family members and gangster rappers, which is all very interesting to me. I believe there to be a message in all of this as we look at prophecy spoken, prophecy fulfilled, and prophecy interpreted before and after.

But in essence, why I believe I was hearing this under this compromised prophetic anointing I was subjected to was because these are some of the “ingredients” that the spirit of false prophecy, which I believe to be upon many prophets currently, is using to spin a web of lies, deceit, and false hope. This spirit seems particularly attached to Kim Clement’s prophecy archives. I’m not saying that Kim Clement was a false prophet or was even prophesying falsely in this case, but from what I’ve observed, this spirit likes to splice here and there when it comes to Kim Clement prophecy sound bites, and likes to put heavy spins on the words He spoke, even when some of the spins are clearly not contextually lining up with what Kim actually said. This is a favorite tactic of Satan’s when it comes to twisting both prophecy and scripture. He takes parts or portions of prophecy and/or scripture and twists them in such a way to feed the people what they want to hear, which of course always side steps the truth of what God’s trying to get across. This is why I believe I heard those words that day under this particular anointing. This is the Spirit of Revelation’s way of exposing this spirit to me and how it works. It’s the exact same thing that Satan did to Jesus in (Matt.4:1-11) when He twisted (Ps.91:12) to try and get Jesus to do what He wanted him to do. It’s the same thing that the serpent did to Eve in the garden when He took the words God had spoken to her and twisted them to deceive her. I believe the same is happening with the prophets and the prophetic community today. There’s a twisting of true prophecy and even scripture to create an environment of false prophecy and false hope which allows the enemy to take advantage of people’s soulish weaknesses and unsanctified desires. Yes it’s true that there have been highly embarrassing moments, but it ultimately doesn’t mean anything if the sins of the nation have created an environment in which the powerful guilty go free without justice. Yes, there has been a new Snowden that has arisen, but it ultimately means nothing if He’s still in prison for being a patriot and Trump did nothing to rectify that wrong. That may be hard to hear but I believe it to be the truth.

While I’m on the subject of Kim Clement and his prophecies I’d like to briefly make mention of the fact that He repented of harboring some wrong eschatological views right before died. I intend to write more on this in the days to come and include the actual quotes from him, but if you want to listen to the interview in full where He made this confession to Chuck Missler, the link can be found at the end of this article corresponding to reference (2). I don’t bring this up to dishonor or try to discredit Kim in any way, but only to remind everyone that He was a fallible human being and his prophecies do not rise to the authoritative level of scripture, which is what I believe an evil spirit is seeking to do with his prophecies. If Kim repented for having a wrong eschatology, that most definitely influenced his prophecies and their delivery to the general public. I think with the case of “The New Snowden” and “Highly embarrassing moments” type prophecies that He saw something that was coming, but then added his interpretation to it, which was after the manner of the eschatology He held at the time, which I believe was a form of preterism. Preterism causes people to focus only on victory and dominion in the last days and not on end-time judgment, shaking, and the consequence of sin. I think we can have a hundred Snowdens arise, yea a thousand, and it will not matter so long as the spiritual climate allows for justice to go unserved. I believe that to be the truth. Prophecies which do not account for the spiritual condition of a nation will continue to miss the mark, some by millimeters, others by miles. Our theology and eschatology really does matter.

In the next article we’ll finish up this particle series to further dissect and seek understanding through these revelations which I believe God has given us for this crucial hour in which we find ourselves living.

In His Service,

Stephen Powell



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(2) Chuck Missler interview Kim Clement before He dies:


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