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In the previous article in this series I told you about some encounters I had as I was listening to some of the “Trump prophets” before I fell asleep in January of 2021 (to read those articles click here). I talked about how there was a mixture of a strong prophetic anointing as well as a strong Jezebelic demonic attack that I came under as I listened and fell asleep, which I believe was the Lord’s way of showing me something that’s happening in the prophetic movement presently. In this article I’ll continue to share some of what I heard and saw under this strange spiritual influence which is currently flowing in the charismatic church.

Now as I’ve stated before, in my heart of hearts, I truly do hope I’m wrong about some of this (even though I don’t think I am). If I’m wrong all that’s wounded is my reputation and name, which is of really no consequence in the bigger picture. I’ll happily repent, move on, and really dive deep into the Lord to seek understanding on what went wrong to make me hear so badly what God was saying. If I’m right, then millions of souls are going to be lost. If I’m right then I believe America will never be restored without first going through the hardest chapter of her history, worse than what she experienced in the Revolutionary and Civil wars combined. If I’m right, then hundreds of thousands of believers, maybe even millions, are under a strong spirit of delusion and deception connected with the charismatic church. Why would anyone in their right heart and mind want to be right about those things. It makes me feel sick even to mention it. But as I’ve stated before, I must speak forth out of the conviction of my heart as well as the scripturally based revelation I feel I’ve received from the Lord, and leave the rest up to God. Lord help me in this painful endeavor.


While I was in what I call my “vision flow”, in the mix of visions/revelations which included the “loophole prophet” one (which I talked about in the last article), I began to hear and to see something that at first made me excited, but then made me feel very disturbed. I saw the inauguration of Donald Trump for a second term.

Now I would like to state right at the outset here that I believe what I was seeing was an indication, from this prophetic anointing I was under, that Donald Trump would be inaugurated soon, even this year. This particular vision took place on the night of January 23rd, just a few days after Joe Biden had been inaugurated. But having said that I encourage you to keep reading, cause’ it’s not what you think.

In the vision I saw Donald Trump being inaugurated. It was a beautiful scene. I could see, feel, and sense so much joy, so much laughter, so much triumph in the air. It felt like a movie or something,.. like when a king or an emperor returns to their capitol after a triumph in a battle. There was no fighting, no ugliness, no nastiness on this day. Even the air smelled good and felt so good to breathe.

Then I heard a loud and booming voice, “The corruption is being exposed, the Trump era has begun”.

Then I heard audibly, “The Constitution is not finished,... Lincoln’s memorial”.

Then I heard, “Make it happen”, “It will be refunded”, “A new Snowden”, and then finally, “Highly embarrassing moments are coming that everyone knows about”.

What does this mean?


Now if I didn’t already know that I was under some kind of “compromised” prophetic anointing, I would have been very tempted to believe everything I saw and heard as the absolute word of the Lord. It sounds exactly like so many of the prophecies which have been released of late in the body of Christ concerning Donald Trump and this nation. I would have been tempted to believe this was the Lord because I was under a real prophetic anointing as I fell asleep listening to these Trump prophets, and most people will recognize the anointing and then put down their guards after that. But consider this prophetic anointing that our Lord and Savior came under at the beginning of his ministry to the lost sheep of the house of Israel:


8 “Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

9 And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”

10 Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’ ”

11 Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.”

Like prophets of old Jesus was “lifted up” into the visions of God to behold things in Israel, even “glorious things”, but it was not the pure prophetic anointing of God that did this lifting. It was Satan himself. Many people might think today that if a strong prophetic anointing came, which lifted one up into a spiritual experience, promising wonderful things like “dominion”, “the glory”, or “kingdom takeover of the nations” that this would be the blessing and favor of the Lord administering this. But they would be wrong. Does this sound familiar? Is there a Satanic prophetic anointing lifting people up into the prophetic/seer anointing to give them promises of dominionism and kingdom takeover? Absolutely there is. This was the third and last temptation of Jesus and it is connected to the final temptation of the church. Are we going to wait in meekness to inherit the earth (Matt.5:5) as the sons of God with Jesus through the second coming (Rev.11:15), or are we going to prematurely possess the nations through antichrist spirit, undergirded through false doctrine and false prophetic?

I believe that it was a false prophetic anointing that the Lord allowed me to be exposed to that night which showed me Donald Trump’s soon-to-be inauguration, just as so many of the prophets are looking to in March or sometime this year through some kind of unconstitutional miracle. Who’s to know what God might still do with Trump in the future, in 2024 or beyond, but I don’t believe that this was a promise or a vision that was ultimately coming from God. It was coming from a lying spirit which is presently speaking through many prophets in the charismatic church. We will not see flowers, daisies, and peaceful times as our fantasies of Donald Trump getting in again and Joe Biden miraculously being removed are realized. No, I believe we will see the consequences of a nation that has rebelled against God, legalized gay marriage, butchered babies by the millions, and promoted people in the church who preach a false gospel. That is what we will see because the truth of God’s word and the character of his holiness demands it!


Once again, I hope I’m wrong about some of this and part of me hopes that some of the things I saw do come to pass, but as of now I believe it came from a lying spirit. The same lying spirit which is responsible for much for the current prophetic content that has passed for the absolute word of the Lord in this hour. The things which I’m speaking of today I believe to be on the scale that Jesus warned of when He told us to watch out for false prophets and false christs in the last days (Matt.24:24). When you see these things look up for your redemption draweth nigh (Lk.21:28). These things are disturbing, they’re sobering, but they are also signs that it's nearly time for the bride to meet her bridegroom, which is a cause for celebration!

But pertaining to what I heard that night, though I’m open to the Lord using Trump moving forward, the idea of a “Trump era” I believe is not coming from the Lord. Some have even begun to refer to it almost in terms of a Trump monarchg, saying things like, “Many more Trumps will follow their father, and one day Baron will be the greatest President ever, even greater than his father”. I kid you not, I heard of a famous prophet actually say this on a popular charismatic show recently. No, I’m sorry to say, there’s only one Donald Trump, and although all of his children are talented and have their own great callings and destinies, no one will ever be able to fill this man’s shoes. He’s truly one of a kind. There will be no “Trump era”. I don’t believe Trump has “ushered in” anything really. I believe he has done his job to pump the brakes for four years on a nation that was going headlong over the cliff. I believe He gave us four years of a reprieve in many ways, even though now looking at things objectively it looks like the globalists are sparing no time or expense to play catch up for lost time. I think they would have preferred to continue to slow-roll us into their globalist socialist state with the Clinton and Bush type monarchs, but nevertheless it seems to make no difference at this point. They seem to be very overtly shoving their agenda down our throats through the social media purge, the scamdemic, and the great reset and saying, “Try and stop me”, which leads us to my next point.


When I heard these words I instantly thought of a dream that Dana Coverstone had just after the election. Here is an excerpt from the transcript of his video entitled “The Lincoln Dream” that He put out on November 9th, 2020:

“Lincoln stood taller and closed his eyes slowly after looking both to his right and to his left and each of the men who stood behind Uncle Sam. And these people consisted of federal elected and appointed officials, governors, and judges in their robes.

Uncle Sam walked up to Lincoln and whispered in his ear, and revealed tears running down his cheek. He choked back a sob and he said, “Mr. Lincoln, you have been found guilty by those in power, and are sentenced to death by hanging for it.”

Mr. Lincoln said, “As the former President of this Union, I deserve to know what I am accused of to begin with. I am an attorney and I know what the law says.” Uncle Sam stated clearly and precisely, and with great struggle, “We do not recognize the law of man or of God and simply find you worthy of death. Your time is over and a new dawn awaits those who will dwell on this earth.”

And at this time, the men standing behind Uncle Sam come forward, and then put a noose around Lincoln’s neck and they tighten it. Then they push Uncle Same forward while they throw the rope, the end of the rope, over a marble brace at the memorial. And they handed the end of the rope to Uncle Sam and saluted him.

Uncle Sam held that rope in his hands for a very long time, and he wept. Then he faced Lincoln and he said, “I’m sorry, Mr. President.” And at this statement, the men behind him pounded him about the head and neck until bruising began to appear on Uncle Sam’s head. And they yelled at him and said this: “You address him as Mr. Lincoln; nothing more!!”

Uncle Sam looked back at the men and said, “You can hang me next for what I’ve allowed you to do with my conscience”. He then started pulling on the rope. President Lincoln stood quietly and began to feel the tightness of the rope, but he reached backwards and began fighting to grab something on his seat. And as Uncle Sam strained to pull and hold the rope, Lincoln was trying to grab his Bible.

He was pushing the law books off of it, but his fingers were slipping off of the binding. He did get a hold of it, but the jerking of the rope made him drop it to the floor just as his feet left the floor. Lincoln’s eyes, they showed compassion toward the elected and the appointed men in front of him, as Uncle Sam, holding the rope tight, would not look at anything but the floor.

What’s interesting to note in the dream, Lincoln never fought back after the Bible slipped from his hands. And now he was just swinging, slowly. One of the judges, not the federal officials, one of the judges spoke up and said, “You can drop him now”.

Uncle Sam very slowly and very respectfully dropped Lincoln to the floor. He looked back at the men and he said, “I hope you get what you deserve for this.” Then he held his chest and he dropped to the floor. He was dead within seconds, with his eyes wide open. And the crowd began to scatter, including the elected and appointed men who had been behind him, encouraging this whole endeavor.

At that very moment, the Man appeared that I have seen in the dreams for so often. He knelt down beside President Lincoln and said, “They didn’t have any idea what they were doing, and now the nation needs to brace itself for what they deserve.”

He then walked over to Uncle Sam, closed his eyes, and tenderly tapped the heart area 3 times and said, “Rest in peace, Uncle Sam. Sorry you had to see the ship go down.”

Then the Man looked right at me in the dream and He said,

“Nation, brace yourself for fire and ice, and don’t forget to anchor your soul.” (1)

Many people have quit listening to Dana Coverstone after 2020 came and went, and many of the “assumed” interpretations of his dreams didn’t come to pass the way people thought, but I would encourage you to still listen to this man and pay attention to his dreams, which in my mind clearly come from the Lord. A careful examination of Dana’s dreams since He burst onto the scene in late June of 2020 reveals that many of his dreams have come to pass, for those who have eyes to see and keep an open heart as to what they really mean. Dreams are usually highly symbolic and allegorical, unless it’s a night vision, and usually the Lord will make clear the difference between the two. Obviously this dream is an allegorical dream with deep meaning in the symbolism, and there’s no doubt it’s from the Lord. I’ve met Dana Coverstone, I’ve ministered with him, and I believe He’s the real deal. I don’t believe for a second that he’s going to these lengths to exercise an active imagination, to “make up” dreams like these, and intentionally deceive thousands of people. No, I believe He’s really having these dreams and we need to pay attention.

The scene of this particular dream took place at the Lincoln memorial, just like I heard audibly in my experience, and the issue was over the death of freedom in this nation. I can’t help but see some of the similarities between President Trump and Lincoln, both in the natural and in this dream. In the natural, they never wanted to call President Trump “President”. There was always disrespect and dishonor that was levied at him personally and at the office He stood in. That came through in this dream. But President Trump has always represented more than a mere man. In many ways He has stood for many of the guiding ideals and principles such as biblical values, the Constitution, and freedom that this nation was built on. So when you see President Trump “illegally taken out” (and I believe laws were broken to see him taken out) you see the parallel to this dream where Lincoln was hung, not according to law (which He demanded at one point to know in the dream), but at the whims of the mob who was intent on slaying him no matter what the laws of God or man had to say about it. Notice the connection in Dana’s dream that Uncle Sam makes between “the law of God and the law of man”. The fact is there is no law of man that means anything without the law of God. Without the values and guiding principles of the conscience of God contained in the Word of God there really can be no effective and equitable justice in the land. God’s throne is built on righteousness and justice, and from that throne flows his law, his ways, and his mind into the earth. Our founders had the wisdom and the grace to consult God’s law contained in the Word of God before amending the laws of man in this great land, but now because of the rise of atheistic communism throughout the earth and in this nation, those laws are being trampled upon by a demonically animated mob of justices, senators, congressmen, and everyday people who are within the grip of this evil. This nation has lost the Word, it has lost the law of God just like Lincoln could not hold onto to the bible, and now freedom is hanging and almost out of breath. The Lord would say, “brace yourself”.

In my spiritual experience I heard with a booming voice say emphatically, “The Trump era has begun, the Constitution is not dead, the Lincoln Memorial”, but as I’ve stated before I believe those words came from a lying spirit that has blanketed the prophetic movement in this nation. I’m sorry to have to tell you that there will be no “Trump era”. There has been a movement, an idea, and a hope that this man has brought, but how can the flame grow or be sustained if it is being snuffed out by a nation and a people that has no regard for the laws of God? This spiritual disregard has grown in the hearts of many, and now many increasingly have no regard for the laws of man or of the Constitution. There’s a definite connection between the two.

I believe the Word of God clearly reveals to us that there will be no justice until this nation comes out the other side of a severe judgment and chastisement. And who’s to know,... our restoration may not even come until the millennial reign of Christ. We are not promised a new heaven and a new earth, or even a rebirth for nations such as this one, until Christ comes again to reclaim this world in his manifest kingdom to come. We are promised the judgment though for a covenant nation such as this that has turned from God.

The voice of the lying spirit would tell you that the Constitution is not dead, but the facts would say, and I believe the Spirit of God would say, that the truth must be faced. The Constitution is all but dead, and it has been for a long time. If the Constitution cannot guarantee a fair election, then can we really say it still has power? If the Constitution can no longer assure the first amendment rights of conservative christians, then can we really say it still has power in this land? When a sitting US President’s voice to the people is taken from him while still in office, can we really say the Constitution still has its power? You, my dear spirit-filled believers, can delude yourself into thinking that all is well, that everything will be restored promptly within days or months, and that God will make everything the way it used to be and better with one wave of his magical prophetic wand (or staff as some would wield it), but I believe the sobering truth of God’s word, the sobering Spirit of Truth, and the sobering facts that presently stare us in the face would inform us differently. I believe the most prudent course of action at this point is what the angel has told Pastor Dana Coverstone many times as He’s appeared at the end of his dreams: Brace yourself, and be sure that your soul is firmly anchored in Christ. The storm of the last days is upon us. The antichrist spirit is rising in the earth as never before. Are you living everyday ready to meet the Lord? Are you laboring for souls while there’s still some daylight left (Jn.9:4)? Are you exercising yourself rather unto godliness which has the promise not only of this life but for the life to come (1 Tim.4:7-8)?

In the next article we’ll continue discussing some of the things that I both saw and heard as I was under this unusual prophetic anointing for a few nights in the month of January.

In His Service,

Stephen Powell



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