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In this video Stephen speaks from a very personal place based on what he’s seen and experienced first hand in situations like the Ravi Zacharias one. A combination of high level evil spirits and cowards in leadership in the church make Ravi Zacharias situations possible today. If you are not willing to wrestle with the principalities and if you are not willing to fearlessly and courageously confront sin in the church, no matter the cost to you personally, financially, and ministerially, then this will continue to happen until Jesus comes back. People knew enough in Ravi’s ministry to know that something wasn’t right and that further investigation was needed, but they allowed Ravi to bully them and control them through demonic threats and intimidation, and their cowardice contributed to many more victims down through the years. When you are a coward in leadership you will most likely be involved in allowing people to be abused. That is a fact. We must be like Azzariah the High Priest in (2 Chron 26) and boldly and fearlessly confront sin in the church, even when it’s the all powerful king who’s doing the sin.

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