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In the previous article we started a new series called “Find Something Your Faith Can Grab Onto”. We talked about the limitless nature of faith being that faith is a gift that proceeds from God and is of the nature of God’s own faith which He Himself uses. We talked about the truth being that our limitations are created only by us, when we walk short of our calling as sons and daughters of God, choosing a life of thinking with a scarcity mindset and accepting the bounds which unbelief creates for us.

We also talked about how, just like in the story of Jesus healing two blind men, we have to “locate” where our faith is now, and what the condition of our faith is presently, by doing what Jesus did with the blind men, which is asking the right questions. We will continue discussing dynamics of faith and how to find something for our faith to grab onto presently. I will repost the scripture reference of Jesus healing the two blind men for our lesson reference and refreshing here. I pray this is a blessing to you!


27 “When Jesus departed from there, two blind men followed Him, crying out and saying, “Son of David, have mercy on us!”

28 And when He had come into the house, the blind men came to Him. And Jesus said to them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” They said to Him, “Yes, Lord.”

29 Then He touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith let it be to you.”

30 And their eyes were opened. And Jesus sternly warned them, saying, “See that no one knows it.”


The two blind men that were chasing after Jesus were screaming and crying out loud. But remember this: screaming and crying will never get you anything. You have to get specific with God. Jesus ascertained the reason for their cries. He got specific with them. They being blind men, heard about the Messiah coming out of Galilee just as the prophets had foretold, who could do miracles which included the healing of the blind. So Jesus got them to confess out loud their belief and agreement with this reality, and they responded by saying, “Yes, Lord” when He asked them if they believed He was able to do this, that is able to heal the blind. Jesus didn’t ask them if they believed that He could help them get out of poverty, or if they believed that God could help their families. No, Jesus “located” where their faith was and for what they were applying their faith to. This day it was concerning their blindness. When their faith touched God’s ability operating in Jesus, according to “their” faith it was done unto them. Immediately the blindness of their eyes was gone and their sight was restored in the presence of all! Hallelujah!

Notice how Jesus said that this miracle was according to “their faith”, not Jesus’ own faith or God’s own faith, but their own faith. In (Gal.2:20) the bible calls the faith which we have “the faith” of the Son of God. In (Eph.2:8) faith is called “the gift of God”. Faith is God’s own faith gifted to mankind. To each man (and woman) is given “the” measure of God’s own faith (Rom.12:3). That’s right, there’s only one measure because it’s God’s own faith. One measure is all that’s needed. But in order for our faith to do anything for us we must rightly use what God has freely given. The opportunity created by the gift of God which God has so graciously bestowed upon us must meet God’s ability and power, just like in the case of these two blind men. This is one of the great secrets of faith which so many do not rise to understand. It has always been according to your faith. Not according to the faith you have (because everyone’s been given the measure, but according to the faith you use. And you can only use your faith when you locate what it’s believing for and give it something to grab onto.


As I mentioned before, the “condition” of our faith is in proportion to how well we feed it and take care of it. Like the natural body you can pretty much instantly tell just by looking at someone (unless there’s some kind of medical abnormality at work) if someone is feeding their body the right things and taking care of it. If someone is skinny but not muscular, then they most likely have a good grasp on calories in and calories out, and how much to eat in proportion to how much caloric energy their body burns everyday. But if they’re skinny with no mature muscle development then it’s clear that they don’t load their muscles daily through resistance training to stimulate muscle growth. If someone is both cut (meaning you can see a fair amount of vascularity on the visible parts of their body such as their arms) and muscular than you know that they are exercising command over both their daily energy expenditure (calories in and calories out) and their daily/weekly training regiment, which is most likely a routine of resistance training to both keep and grow more muscle density. Similar laws apply to the realm of faith.

The bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Rom.10:17). This is why we call the truth of God’s word “faith food”. If you practice a daily habit of reading/meditating upon God’s word then you will be effectively feeding your faith with the power of truth and the essential spiritual nutrients contained therein. Your confidence will stay strong and grow as you read and speak over yourself the promises of God and all the truths concerning who you are as a Son of God who is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God (Ps.139:14). The possibilities of what you can accomplish and do with your life will expand as you read about the miracles of Jesus and his apostles. Your faith to overcome any obstacle will increase as you read the inspiring stories of the patriarchs and prophets who overcame seemingly impossible hardships and attacks from the enemy, and accomplished miraculous feats through the power of faith! When you feed your body the right things and do the right activities faithfully according to the natural laws that God has created for the body, then your body gets healthy, strong, supplying you with copious amounts of energy, mental clarity, and physical ability which is not available to the weak and out of shape. The same is true for your faith and your spirit man when you follow the laws which govern faith revealed to us by God’s Word.

Another way to feed and strengthen your faith is through reading inspiring stories, listening to provoking biographies, or hearing testimonies from others who have overcome incredible things. But the point is you must feed yourself good, positive, faith inspiring things by keeping a careful watch over the content you read, listen to, or watch. You can either feed your faith by the content you consume, or you can hinder your faith or release confusion into your mind and heart which leads to apathy. It’s your choice. But if you are truly going to walk in the blessings and promises of God then you must feed your faith and stay strong in your spirit. Otherwise you will never be able to hold onto the vision and the Word of the Lord when times get tough. And trust me, times always get tough. Faith is always tested (Ja.1:3).

Not only must you feed your faith through a consistent daily flow of faith building content that you consume, but you must also “prove” your faith by stepping out and acting on what you believe. Faith that is not proven is weak faith. Instead of established truths that become guiding lights and anchors for your life, you are left with wishful thinking and unproven theories that have no power in them if you do not step out on what you believe and prove it. You must prove it before God, before men, and most importantly you must prove it to yourself. Once you do you will own that truth, and Satan himself can never take it from you. If it remains in the realm of being unproven and untested then it is weak and useless to you.

So do as Paul the Apostle instructed. Prove all things and hold fast that which is good (1 Thes.5:21). If it is not proven then it is no good to you. It has no power in your life. This is one of the great tragedies in the church today. Too many Christians have theoretical Christianity. This is a Christianity that is powerless to them because they never step out of the boat and prove what Jesus said. Let us not be among those who are hearers only of the word. Let us be among those who are doers and the word and prove it’s power daily in our lives (Ja.1:22)!

We will conclude this series tomorrow!

In His Service,

Stephen Powell



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