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In yesterday’s article we discussed how to feed our faith and take care of it so it works for us. Just as the natural body either thrives or diminishes according to how we use the natural laws which God has set in place, so it is with our faith. There are certain laws that dictate the condition of our faith and whether it’s power will be useful to us. This is why we must pay careful attention to what we’re feeding our faith through the content we consume daily, and why we must prove our faith in order for it to be useful to us. Just as Paul instructed, we must prove all things and hold fast that which is good (1 Thes.5:21). If it has not been proven then ultimately that belief has no power in our life. We must step out of the boat and prove the words of the Master in our life! This is how we can become skillful with using our faith and position ourselves to do great and mighty things which the faithless unbeliever can never do.

Today we will conclude this series with discussing the importance of “desire” in determining what our faith can grab onto, as well as talking about faith and finances which everyone needs to know about. I pray this series has been a blessing to you!


So once you’ve cleaned up your “faith diet” and are feeding it with the promises of God and good things, and once you’ve settled it in your spirit that you must step out and prove your faith, now your ready to take action and unleash the power of your faith to miraculously manifest the promises of God! How exciting! All that’s left now is to decide what to set your sights on and go for it.

Jesus identified what the blind men in (Matt.9:27-30) had their sights set on in their faith. Their persistent faith and action met his willingness and ability to heal, therefore they received their miracle “according to their faith” (Matt.9:29). What does your heart cry out for? What is your heart set on? Identify that and you will know what to grab onto with your faith. You can begin stepping out with laser-like focus to manifest the thing you're believing for. If you can’t identify what you truly want and what you truly desire, then this will hinder your ability to manifest God’s blessings using the power of God’s own faith.

You must identify what you truly want, and let it be born of the Spirit and Word of God. Let the desires spring up out of your prayer time and time in the Word, and then set your sights on what you know has been produced in your heart out of your intimate relationship with God. This will give you even more confidence that your faith can and should grab onto this, to believe for this, because you can trust what is produced out of intimacy with God. You know that this isn’t a manifestation of ungodly desire, envy, or godless wanting because you’ve gotten into lusting by consuming worldly content that produces selfish desires. You know that this desire has been inspired by the Lord, therefore you can give yourself wholly to it and colabor in this exciting walk of faith with the Lord!


Much of the teachings from the bible concerning faith seem to lead back to or involve finances. Why is this? Because as Solomon said, “money answereth all things” (Ecc.10:19). Even Jesus submitted to the financial system that God put in place here upon the earth, carried a money bag (Jn.13:29), collected money to finance his ministry (Lk.8:3), and paid taxes (Mark 12:17). Because Jesus used his faith in everything, his faith was most definitely applied to finances, which enabled him to ultimately move from place to place, pay for the food and expenses of disciples who were grown men, and complete his work here upon the earth. In order for you to accomplish your assignment from God, and do it with joy instead of constant hardship and a general lack of joy which comes from people who are trying to serve God while starving, you need to learn to apply your faith to finances as well. If you’re going to do that you need to start somewhere with grabbing onto a number in your spirit by faith.

Ask yourself these questions: Where am I at right now? Where do I want to be? What’s the next step that I can take with my faith to get there? It may take a little while, but as you keep seeking the Lord to help you grab onto a number in your spirit God will reveal to you the ground that you are positioned in your faith to take. He will reveal what you can grab onto in your spirit now in order to increase your finances to do the call of God upon your life with greater joy.

Maybe you’re working a job which currently pays you a thousand dollars a week and a raise would put you at $1,100 per week. Maybe that sounds pretty good to you and you can see yourself making that extra hundred dollars a week, that extra four hundred dollars a month, and you know exactly what you would put that extra money toward. If you can follow that process in your heart and mind and feel the level of excitement it comes with, then that’s a pretty good indication that that is something your faith can grab ahold of now. You conquer that level, you take that little space of new territory and see the Lord work with your faith to expand you currently just a little bit, then that is going to build your confidence and condition your faith to believe for greater things in the future.

The point here is that in most cases someone can’t go from “one thousand dollar faith” to “million dollar faith overnight”. Your spirit knows if you’re a fake more than anyone, including yourself. If you’re truly ready for it then your spirit will commit and you’ll truly be able to grab onto it with your faith. If not you will find yourself saying things, confessing things, going after things that you know you can’t have yet; that you know is just too much for you now. As you learn to set your sights on things that your faith and your spirit can truly grab onto now, you will find that there’s no doubt and no conflict within your soul in regards to your current pursuit. The elimination of this conflict and self-doubt clears the way for a life of miracles.

Maybe your someone that doesn’t need a million dollars in order for you to complete the assignment which God has given you, and maybe you don’t desire that. That’s fine if that’s what you feel and what you believe, but I would caution you against speaking negatively about others who do have million dollar faith and do have a million dollar vision according to the call that God has placed on their lives. Most charitable organizations today are funded by people and organizations that have faith and vision to do great things, and therefore have the strength and infrastructure financially to help others who are in need. This reality makes it all the more embarrassing when religious people (especially Christian Ministers who don’t have a revelation about godly biblical prosperity) talk negatively about the wealthy and prosper. They are literally biting the hands of those whom God raised up and sent to feed them.


Remember, we go from “faith to faith” and “glory to glory” (Rom.1:17) (2 Cor.3:18). The implication here is that we have to start where we’re at and work our way up. We have to take the land little by little, as God told the children of Israel (Deut.7:22). This is the wisdom of God for us, just as it was for Israel when they were ready to take the land by faith. God has made such wisdom available to us so that we might learn to manage what we take possession of with our faith so that it doesn’t destroy us. The Lord told the children of Israel that they were to take the land little by little, according to his command, so that the land wouldn’t end up devouring them; so that it was not overrun with beasts and other things which would have overwhelmed them through taking it too quickly. The same is true to managing our faith for finances, blessing, the miraculous, or whatever. This is why so many people who win the lottery or become millionaires as teenagers through professional sports end up losing everything they have in a short period of time and finding themselves in a worse state than before they got the money. They went from managing pennies to millions overnight and they were not conditioned in their character, their knowledge, their wisdom, and their faith to manage that level of blessing and power. God knows this. This is why wisdom teaches us to start small and work our way up. The Holy Spirit within us instructs our spirits on this matter, and therefore our spirits, according to wisdom, guides us in the application of our faith as we feed it with God’s faith food which is his word and truth. So be honest with where you are right now. Find something that your spirit can grab ahold of now based on where you’re at and what wisdom has taught you up to this point, and focus in on it with laser-like intensity. Begin to speak and act in accordance with what you’re believing for, and you shall have it according to what Jesus said. You shall possess the things your spirit grabs onto, according to your faith, and nothing shall by any means stop you. This is the inheritance of the Sons of God, to walk according to the faith of the Son of God while on the earth in human form. Only Believe dear saint! only believe, speak, and act and you shall see the goodness of God in the land of the living (Ps.27:13)!

In his Service,

Stephen Powell



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