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On the night of November 20th, 2020, I had a dream. In the dream I saw Steve Shultz (Owner and Founder of the Elijah List). He was hosting several prophets and asking them questions as they were all seated in a circle. There was only one prophet that I saw him address, and only one prophet that I recognized in the circle, and that was Clay Nash. Clay Nash is a prophet who works with Dutch Sheets. Steve asked Clay, “How do you think this game is going to go?”. Clay simply responded with this: “One team is going to gain the advantage early, and when they do they’re not going to give it up”.

Now some people might think that based on what’s happened so far, that Biden has gained the advantage early and that this dream means that He won’t be giving it up. But I personally believe, based on the timing of this dream and based on everything else the Lord has been saying, that the advantage that’s yet to be taken refers to Trump and the victory that the Lord is about to give him in a key battleground state.

In sports, many times the outcome is based on momentum and what’s called “runs”. If a team can capture momentum and go on a “run” at the right time, then many times that team wins. This is where sports can be spiritual. Who has the heart in the competition? Who loses heart and is not able to capture back the momentum? This many times determines the outcome in recreational competition, and it’s the same in the game of life.

I believe that the Lord is saying through this dream that a whole new “game” so to speak is about to begin concerning this nation and the election. I believe this will begin as the most significant evidence that has come to light concerning election fraud and cheating involving computer software finally makes it to the courts (which according to Sidney Powell is happening within the next two weeks).

I believe the Lord is saying that Trump is about to see a major win. I believe that a significant state is going to flip in Trump’s favor very soon, and that when this happens He’s going to “gain the advantage”. This advantage will be seen in the fear and alarm that the left unwillfully begins to show and manifest. I believe Trump will gain the advantage as fresh faith and hope revitalizes his discouraged base, and fear and panic begin to overwhelm the opposition. I believe, as the dream stated, that once this advantage is captured that it will not be given up…. that from that moment on Trump will keep the momentum and ride it all the way through to completely overcoming this coup d'etat. I could be wrong, and I’ll humbly admit that if that turns out to be the case, but as I’ve stated already… based on what I feel I’m hearing, and based on what others have heard and seen, I believe this to be the interpretation of this particular dream.

So stay encouraged saints, and keep praying and believing. I believe we’re about to see the scales shift in our favor. I believe Trump is about to take the advantage, and when He does He’s not going to give it up!

Stephen Powell

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