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One of the things that I do, which I feel charged by the Lord to do, is study the prophetic. I study biblical prophecy, prophecy from church history, as well as contemporary prophecy from prophetic voices in the earth today. This is why I call my Newsletter which I send out daily “The Prophetic Voice”. I don’t claim to be the only prophetic voice, but rather I study the collective corporate prophetic voice of Jesus which comes through his body from all corners of the earth. As a principle of prophetic study we try to find what’s called “prophetic confirmations”. The bible says that in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established (2 Cor.13:1). The bible says that God does nothing unless revealing his secret to his “servants” the “prophets”. So biblically, there are always multiple prophetic witnesses that are privy to God’s plans and purposes in the earth. It’s never just one voice but multiple voices that God uses to confirm the present proceeding prophetic word of Yeshua in the earth today.

As I was praying the other day I remembered a warning dream about Trump’s “run for a second term” from Jeremiah Johnson which I read several years ago. Here’s part of what He saw then and wrote about and part of what He interpreted his vision as:

“In January of 2018, I received a vision of Donald Trump's right hand that began to turn into an IRON FIST. God spoke to me and said, “Trump’s grip is going to tighten while the liberal agenda loses its grip.” I saw the liberal agenda in America gasping for breath as the Trump agenda (the iron fist) squeezes and suffocates its opponents. I saw desperation, wild accusation, and startling trepidation descend upon Washington D.C. Then I began to see something that both surprised me and caused me to pause. The iron fist of Donald Trump was too much for the American people to bear. The pressure and strength of his grip while at first was reassuring, in the end, it brought great unnecessary destruction. I felt an alarm go off deep within my spirit. God said, “I have raised Donald Trump up for four years as a battering ram and trumpet in this nation, but without a serious sanctification and softening of his heart and words, there will be great trouble and danger that will mark his run for a second term.” (Jeremiah Johnson, 1/20/2018)

Now listen to what God showed Pastor Dana Coverstone through his original dream post that He released back in June of this year that went viral (this is taken from the transcript of that facebook post):

“...Then I saw November and this is when it got real to me in the dream… the intensity... according to my Fitbit when I woke up, my heart rate was about 180. So that was Monday night. It was also a night that I woke up not feeling very well at all. I was up during the night not feeling well but anyway... the minute the finger underlined November three times instead of tapping it I saw a fist ball up and it hit the calendar and literally the calendar exploded into the wall. The numbers seemed like they were 3D and they were falling…  they were just flying everywhere and there was a cloud of chaos that started and then the next thing I saw was… I saw armed protesters. I saw fighting in the streets. I saw people pummeling one another. I saw businesses shuttered and shut up. I saw schools closed. I saw school rooms with cobwebs hanging in them and like things like papers falling off the wall and posters… I felt like no one had been in them for months…”

Dana’s word continues. He saw Washington D.C. burning, Trump was nowhere to be found, and there were Russian, Chinese, and UN troops on the ground in D.C. rounding people up. Dana also saw some kind of hit on our financial/monetary system. He saw money flying out of banks and someone saying that the US mint had stopped making coins. For the full video of Dana’s first dream which went viral back in June click here. To read Jeremiah Johnson’s 2018 word in its entirety click here.


We see in part and know in part, and here’s part of what I feel the Lord is saying:

The main thing that I want you to see here is that both of these prophetic voices saw the symbology of a fist in reference to Trump’s run for a second term. Pastor Dana saw the month of November (the month which would decide whether Trump would have a second term or not), and Jeremiah saw Trump’s right hand become an iron fist and he was given a warning about Trump’s “run for a second term”.

Now when I originally heard Pastor Dana’s word back in June I felt like the fist may have represented the spirit of marxism behind BLM and the democratic party in this nation. BLM’s (Black Lives Matter’s) logo is a black balled up fist, and the balled up fist was also a symbol used for communism when that spirit rose to power in Russia after World War 1. But now that I listen to Jeremiah’s word again I think it may be several things. I feel that the fist is ultimately the chaos and the destruction that will ensue once Trump is announced the winner and Biden’s claim reversed (which I feel will happen based on the prophetic words I’m hearing and the evidence that’s surfacing of fraud and cheating). The destruction and chaos is the fist, but the source of it is multi-faceted.

Ultimately Trump has a mandate from God and I do not think anything or anyone can deter him from it. In Jeremiah’s word the fist was “squeezing” something. Jeremiah said it was the liberal agenda, squeezing the life out of it. I feel that’s correct, but I also feel like it points to Trump’s tenacity and fight that God put in him. He’s not going to let this go. He’s not going to roll over and just let the corrupt political machine which is controlled by the political elite steal this election from Him like they have from others in the past. In the past, “for the sake of the nation”, others who have been robbed have conceded and have let the corrupt machine have its way. But Trump is cut from a different cloth. His fist has been made iron, and He has mercilessly pounded the agenda of the antichrist spirit in this land the last four years, and He will not let go of the mantle that God has given him for eight years of presidential watch over this nation.


“The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; so he shall open, and no one shall shut; and he shall shut, and no one shall open.”

Prior to the election I saw Sean Feuct, the worship leader who's been used powerfully this year in the #LetUsWorship rallies/protests, talk about “2:22” a lot. He was constantly posting on social media about how He was seeing this number everywhere and how He felt it was a sign from the Lord. Then, on election night, to my surprise I saw that Donald Trump started his press conference at exactly 2:22 am. In that press conference He made a very strong stand against the corrupt American political machine and made it clear that He had won the election and that He wouldn’t be conceding to Joe Biden. It was as if I heard the Lord saying in that moment, “There are doors that cannot be opened and doors that cannot be shut, and I will not allow this door to be shut.”

The key of the house of David refers to the authority that Yeshua Messiah carries. (Rev.3:7) references Jesus carrying this key. It’s actually the power of God to open doors that no man can open and shut doors that no man can shut. It speaks to God’s sovereign hand governmentally upon the affairs of man, and how at any moment and at any time He can intervene and exercise his governmental authority in the earth.

The bible declares that Satan is in fact the god of this world (2 Cor.4:4), and we’ve seen his rule and his power being exercised in this nation for a long time, but God has placed his ruling body of ecclesia in the earth, the church, and they appeal to the highest throne in all of creation when they pray. The church appeals to the throne of God. God, in response to prayer, has moved on our behalf and has given us the miracle that has been Trump’s presidential watch, and I do not believe He’s going to allow Satan to close that door just yet. But the consequences of keeping that door open may be grave. That’s the warning of the iron fist.


If Trump refuses to loosen his iron grip and refuses to let go, and if the crazed demonized liberal mob in this nation refuses to accept a second term of Trump (who they honestly think is Hitler) then I see the iron fist hitting the nation this month and I see the explosion and chaos that’s been prophesied taking place. Can you imagine what will happen if Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin, or Michigan, or Nevada is reversed and given to Trump? Can you imagine what the mob will do when their dance parties in the streets are abruptly stopped with news that Hitler actually won and the results are being reversed? I don’t think we need to imagine, I think we’ve already been warned. As the angel told Pastor Dana several times in his dreams I’d like to repeat here today: “Don’t breathe just yet,.. Hold your breath and brace yourselves”.

The nation in large part is sighing a big sigh of relief right now. Even some of Trump’s supporters are sighing a sigh of relief right now. Many are saddened and disappointed, but they’re saying in their hearts, “At least it’s over, at least the drama is over. At least there’s no violence and rioting because Biden won”. That may sound crazy, but I feel in my spirit that that’s what God has shown me is happening in many hearts now, even though many would never admit to it. But the angel told Dana in one of his dreams, “Don’t breathe yet, brace yourself”. I think prophetically that was the Lord speaking into this moment now. Brace yourselves saints, because if many of the prophecies were correct about Trump winning the second term, and if all the evidence of fraud and cheating is taken seriously in the courts, then we’re sitting on a powder keg as a nation. Conservatives and Christians will go right on trusting God and living peacefully in this land if Biden’s victory stands, but it will not be so with the demonized liberal mob. Satan through them will seek to punish this nation for daring to resist his agenda if Trump is given a second term. This is what all of the race riots, the looting, the anarchy, the coronavirus, the martial law type lockdowns have been this year…. It has been Satan saying, “How dare you elect your own President, how dare you presume to veer from my plan that I have been working hard at for years through the D.C. swamp leaders. I will punish you for your insubordination.” Satan will come down in his wrath and He will release the flood from his mouth because He knows that His time is short (Rev.12:12-17). Brace yourselves saints, because if the iron fist prophecies are true then we’re in for a ride this winter.

In his Service,
Stephen Powell
Article References:

Jeremiah’s Johnson’s Iron Fist word from January 20th, 2020:
Dana Coverstone’s Fist word from June 25th, 2020:
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