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At the beginning of this year, 2022, I released a New Year’s word that the Lord was speaking to me. I felt the Lord was saying to me that this year, 2022, was going to be marked by the presence of God; that it was going to be a year “of the presence”, and for me it’s been exactly that. Not only me, but many of my friends in ministry and local ministries here in Arizona are experiencing this increase in the presence. A local ministry that I’m affiliated with felt so stirred to go after God in a new way eleven weeks ago that they started gathering every day of the week at 9 am, every morning to praise, worship, pray, and run after God together. I hadn’t been able to attend because I had been on the road most of those eleven weeks, but when I did finally get to attend the first of these fresh revival prayer meetings this past Monday morning I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the room. Not only was the room packed full of people gathering on a weekday morning to pray, but the room was electric with the presence and power of God. I felt like I walked into a “prayer storm” that had erupted that morning, and it made me think of what God told me at the beginning of this year! For those that are hungry for the Lord and sensitive to his movements, the presence is indeed increasing, and with the increase in presence comes an the increase in the anointing and the glory of God!


(Acts 10:38)
“how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.”

I’ve talked about this a little bit over the past year. A lot of people don’t understand this distinction, but there really are several different anointings that the Lord will give, and the order that these anointings are given in is important. Notice two different anointings of the Spirit spoken of in (Acts 10:38): The anointing of presence, then the anointing of power. You cannot increase in legitimate pure kingdom power while bypassing the anointing of presence, the anointing of the Holy Ghost which requires you to spend time in his presence faithfully every day. For those who have understood this and have been diligent to sow into the glory realm through spending time in the presence, I believe they are beginning to reap and see another level of manifest power and glory!


I myself have been overwhelmed with the increase in the realm of power that has come to our own ministry of late. I often tell people that you know you’re operating in the glory, in the glory realm, when suddenly certain things become easy. In all of our meetings, I would say really since April, there has been an ease to the gifts of the spirit, the prophetic, and the miracles and healings we’ve been seeing. There has been an ease to the signs and wonders coming, some of which I haven’t seen in my life and ministry in over five years!

The first week of April I began to testify to the congregation I was ministering to about some “glory stories” from my past; stories of angelic visitations and notable signs and wonders that have occurred which backed the word of the Lord that accompanied those signs, wonders, and visitations at the time. Just sharing these stories brought a realm of glory and suddenly several rows of chairs were covered in gold dust, which is a supernatural sign of the glory that God has been increasing in the church in these last days. Since that first weekend in April, we’ve continued to see the gold fall, in nearly every meeting that I’ve done across the states!


(Job 29:6)
“When my steps were bathed with cream, and the rock poured out rivers of oil for me!”

When Job was walking in the glory of God He described the blessing of such a thing. He felt as if His feet were “bathed in butter”... “bathed in cream”. He felt that the rock (who is Christ) was pouring him out rivers of oil! Not a trickle of oil, but a never-ending flowing river. Rivers keep on flowing and they have a current, a force behind them, that carries objects away as those objects get caught in its current. This is what walking in the glory is like. In a previous season, you might have been rowing with all of your strength and with all of your might in faith just to see a headache healed through the prayer of faith, but when the glory comes miracles just happen, even when you’re not trying to press in for miracles. We’ve seen several incredible miracles within the last 90 days at times when we were not even praying for miracles or pressing in for the miraculous in any way!

There was a gentleman that I’ve known for years in California who attended one of our meetings a few weeks ago. Before the meeting began I was greeting people near the door, saying hello, and welcoming them to the meeting. I met this gentleman at the door and touched his shoulder with my left hand as I shook his hand with my right. Instantly He reacted to my touch. When I asked him what was happening He proceeded to tell me that the moment I touched his shoulder a power went through his body and drove out all of the pain in his left hip. Apparently, He had severe arthritis in that hip which was causing him a lot of pain and discomfort, and just one touch in the glory drove it all away. Later in the service, He got up and gave the testimony and was still completely pain-free in that atmosphere. That’s just one of many testimonies where God has just been moving in his grace and glory, sovereignly healing people, and at times my own faith or personal anointing seems to be a complete non-factor. Isn’t that amazing?!


(Job 29:2-5)
2 “Oh, that I were as in months past, as in the days when God watched over me;
3 When His lamp shone upon my head, and when by His light I walked through darkness.
4 Just as I was in the days of my prime, when the friendly counsel of God was over my tent;
5 When the Almighty was yet with me, when my children were around me;”

I believe that these verses above speak of the prophetic/revelatory anointing that Job experienced when He was walking in the glory of God and the freshness of the anointing of God upon his life! By the light of God, He walked through the darkness, and the “friendly counsel” of God was upon his tent. He had unique access to the mind of God, the counsel of God, out of friendship with God as He walked in the glory of God’s presence.

Lately, in my own ministry, there has definitely been a notable increase in the prophetic anointing and the prophetic accuracy that I’ve been walking in. I feel this is for a few reasons. Yes, I do believe that this has come with an increase in the presence and glory, which has brought a stronger overall anointing upon my life and ministry (which I’ll elaborate on more in a moment). That’s one reason. The other reason, I believe, is because I have dedicated myself to studying the prophetic ministry in the bible and teaching on the prophetic ministry in my meetings like I’ve never done before, and I believe that where you sow you reap. I believe as I’ve emersed myself in the prophetic anointing through study and application of the prophetic ministry, I believe God is entrusting me with a stronger prophetic anointing!

Due to the chaotic confusion that has come out of the prophetic movement since Trump became a key political figure, I decided to lean into the prophetic anointing more, study it more, and ask God to grow me in this anointing and make me wiser and more skillful in the prophetic, and I believe that that decision is paying dividends. I’ve said this multiple times over the last few years, that the prophetic movement has been tested by the Lord and found wanting, and those who humble themselves, those who are of a teachable spirit and are willing to pivot on core prophetic issues plaguing this community, that those are the ones that will qualify for a greater prophetic anointing and ministry in the days to come. I believe that a new day for the prophetic is dawning for many in the body of Christ who have been faithful, humble, and obedient.


Now to many this will sound weird, uncomfortable, or even new age, just because of some of the terms I’m using, but I want to encourage you to not judge this book by it’s cover. Don’t be triggered to label me a new age prophet just because I’m using a few modern scientific terms to describe things that have been in the bible since the beginning.

In the bible, the term “light” is used all the time, from Genesis to Revelation, and it’s a very important term that deals with God’s glory, God’s power, and God’s creative ability. The bible says that we are “children of the light” (Eph.5:8) and that if Christ is in us the light of God is in us (2 Cor.4:6). In biblical times humanity did not have the tools, technology, and instrumentation to study light in depth to see how it works. Since modern science (by God’s grace) has developed these tools, instruments, and technology to study things like light more in-depth, they’ve discovered many interesting things. For instance, light moves in waves and light operates on different “frequencies”, the same as sound and music. In fact, music and sound are actually just another form of God’s creative light, and that’s why as we’re filled with God’s light and God’s anointing afresh, we often receive a new “sound” with that fresh infilling of light and glory. Preachers receive a new unction to preach or prophesy, and they receive a new message that burns in them. Singers receive new tunes, new beats, and new sounds to express the new song they find in their souls. This is why when every new revival breaks out in the church there’s always a new sound that’s heard, coming from both the pulpit and the worship team. It’s because with revival the light of God is being poured out afresh and people are catching it and expressing it through their unique gifts and ministries.

Light also has a unique vibration. At an atomic level, I believe that when the healing anointing (for instance) is released into someone’s body that it has a unique frequency and a unique vibration, and that light and vibration actually cause new cells and new atoms to come into being from the spiritual realm, causing supernatural change, and even creative miracles in people’s bodies. In (Gen.1:2) when the bible says that “the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters”, I believe that the Spirit of God was actually vibrating over the void of the deep, and out of darkness and out of chaos came God’s creative order. Through that act of hovering, or vibrating over the waters, the light was shown and the miracle of creation began to manifest (Gen.1:3). I have seen this in visions where I actually saw the spirit of God vibrating in a body part and the structure of that body part transforming right before my eyes to yield the result of what we call a creative miracle! It’s real saints, and it’s happening more and more as the glory increases in this hour!

As a seer, I have the privilege of being a “feeler” when I’m under the anointing. This enables my “discerning of spirits” to be very strong. The discerning of spirits is not only for discerning the presence and activity of evil spirits, but also the Spirit of God, and angelic beings as well. There are several angels that God has assigned to my life and ministry over the years, that I’ve worked with many years, and every one of them is a being of light that carries a unique frequency and vibration, and I can always tell by that frequency and vibration which one is working with me in a given meeting or on a given day. This prophetic insight gives me an understanding of what God’s doing and gives me an understanding of how to flow with heaven for that given day or meeting. For example, If the healing angel is present then I know that God wants me to go for healing. It’s pretty simple. This is one of the ways I discern God’s agenda in a given meeting or assignment.

My seer feeler gift also allows me to sense each of the unique lights that come from the Holy Spirit which Paul identified as “gifts of the spirit” (1 Cor.12:7-10). These spiritual gifts can be divided into categories of power gifts, revelatory gifts, and vocal gifts. Each gift has its own unique frequency and vibration, and I can tell which gift is manifesting in and through me when I’m under the anointing, and this gives me greater confidence and power to flow with the Lord and see the accompanying manifestations and blessings that come with those gifts for the body of Christ.

So when I tell you that I’ve seen a notable increase in the prophetic, for me from my perspective, specifically,... I’m saying that the “prophetic frequency & vibration” in my body has been stronger than I can recall in any other time of my life and ministry. When I’m standing in front of someone and that prophetic frequency and vibration manifest I “feel” the words so strongly. I feel overwhelmingly compelled to tell them something about their marriage, or something about their finances, or something about their kids. Whenever an office ministry gift is standing in front of me, when I’m under the anointing, they can never hide who they truly are. Why? Because I can feel their frequency or vibration in the spirit, and the office gifts have a very specific anointing that not everyone carries in the body of Christ.

When I’m operating in the power gifts and I’m laying hands on people praying for healing or miracles, I can feel vibrations in people’s bodies as their bodies are being healed. Lately, as I’ve laid hands on shoulders, elbows, spines, & vertebrae, and I can feel a vibration coming from the bones when their bones are receiving the healing anointing to be healed! Sometimes they don’t feel it yet, at the moment, as far as alleviating symptoms, etc… but I never concern myself with that. When I feel the vibration I announce the healing, and in every case that I’ve been able to track, the people have been healed, even if they didn’t immediately notice a difference.


Be encouraged saints! God is on the move and we haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to revival, the outpouring of his spirit, and the revealing of his glory in and through his people in these last days! As the world stumbles into deeper grosser darkness, the church and God’s people are going to continue to go from glory to glory (2 Cor.3:18)! The glory of the latter house shall be greater the Lord says (Hag.2:9)! Just give yourself to the Lord and spend time every day investing in the presence, sowing into the glory realm, and according to God’s promise, you will reap in the glory! Many times when we reap in the glory it comes back to us in a greater anointing and greater spiritual gifting so that we might serve the body of Christ and the world around us in a greater way! Believe for this! Step into it in this new season of glory and watch how God uses you in the days to come!

In His Service,
Stephen Powell
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