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In part one of this series we began a discussion based on what transpired at the Oscars this past Sunday night when Will Smith walked up on stage and physically assaulted Chris Rock for joking about his wife’s hair. As I stated in the previous article, I personally do not watch events like this, but as the world reacted and as I spent time with God this week I felt like the Lord wanted to say some things through this incident that occurred, which has shocked so many and grabbed so many people’s attention.

In the previous article we talked openly and candidly about details of the Smith household and marriage that they have made public over the last year. We talked about how ultimately the unhinged emotional behavior that Smith exhibited at the Oscars was a symptom of the destruction of his own soul, which the bible directly ties to sexual sin. Today we will continue the discussion talking about what the incident and aftermath of Smith’s assault at the Oscars says about where we are as a nation and as a western society. I pray this is a blessing to you.


The left, which includes a huge portion of Hollywood elites, have been pushing the boundaries for more than a century on morality, free speech, occultism, and the list goes on and on. It was only a matter of time before things began to unravel in America and in the west under the assault of all things sacred, and we’ve seen that unraveling reach new depths since the beginning of 2020 as the west has reached its breaking point under the weight of its sins and abominations.

People have snapped, thrown on their masks, and burnt entire cities to the ground since the beginning of this new decade. People have lost their minds over leaders like Donald Trump who has incited the most vocal and violent demons in people since running for the White House in 2016. The whole western world has been under massive pressure, which I believe is a symptom of the weight of sin we’ve buried ourselves in as a people and a society.

I wish I could tell you that things are going to get better, but I don’t believe they will until we humble ourselves, repent, and turn back to God and his ways. I don’t believe we’ll see better days until we return to a biblically based morality that points true north to God; which unburdens the soul from moral disaster and loads a person with God’s daily benefits that come when you walk with the righteous (Ps.68:19).


There is a message in what Will Smith did on Sunday night for the state of America and where we really are in the nightmare of wokeness which has devoured more of the first amendment then we’ve ever seen. It wasn’t too long ago that comedians could get away with saying just about anything. There were still a few taboos which were left unbreached, but pretty much any and everything has been fair game for proud morally depraved comedians who have been happy to make full use of the shock humor spectrum. Used to, especially at events such as the Oscars, roasting people in the crowd was a given, and everyone who attended knew this and was okay with it. I’m not condoning this behavior, but just stating some facts about the conditions that western society has existed under for many years. This is how comedians have operated for a long time. They have been barometers, if you will, of just how much “free speech” the American people really have, evident by what they’ve said and gotten away with. But this is no longer the case. The fact that someone as famed and loved as Chris Rock can no longer crack certain jokes without running the risk of being physically assaulted on stage in front of millions of people says something very important for where we’re at as a nation and a society. Chris Rock being assaulted is a sign of free speech being under assault through wokeness.

The woke left is reaping what they have sown. For years now they have oppressed the opinions and words of others they don’t like, of others they think shouldn’t have the right to express their beliefs and opinions, and now those chickens have come home to roost. What will the next comedian think about when they get up to give an award away at the next Oscars? Will thoughts of fear touch their minds affecting their creative ability to craft witty and pithy jokes? Will comedy become a lame safe no-risk genre of entertainment in the future? In many ways it already has, evident by the complete lack of original comedy over the last 5-10 years in the mainstream media. Why is it that every late night comic overwhelmingly just made terrible jokes about Trump for four years straight? It’s not because they didn’t have jokes about other things. It’s because comedians need the platforms that powerful globalist elites, that woke crazies provide them with, and ultimately these comedians along with their careers are under these globalists thumbs. The globalists have set the agenda for all mainstream media including news networks, television shows, reality tv, and even late night talk shows that feature talented comedians.

So we’ve been seeing this for a while. We’ve witnessed for years the complete lack of originality and the overwhelming narrowness of deep state sanctioned comedy that is weaponized against political pundits that are resisting the great reset. The players in Hollywood are all bound by these evil spirits setting these agendas, making these rules, and shattering the natural order of human social interaction in private and public life. What you saw Sunday night was a manifestation of just how much damage these evil spirits have done to the social order of western society. The spirit behind wokeness has put everyone in fear. This spirit says, “Watch what you say or you might get canceled. Watch what you say or you might get deplatformed.” Things have escalated. Now, it doesn’t matter if you're one of the most famous and beloved comedians in the world… watch what you say or may be physically assaulted in front of the world. Watch what you say or you may be humiliated and made into a joke that will live in embarrassing infamy for the rest of your life. Jezebel, the spirits behind wokeness, the spirits behind marxism… they’re all working together to intimate, silence, emasculate, and destroy foundational institutions that bring blessing to a society such as marriage, the home, and the church. This is where we’re currently at in America.


The last thing I’ll say about this incident that happened on Sunday night is this: what Will Smith did to Chris Rock was a crime. Everyone knows it, and at the same time everyone knows that nothing is really going to happen to him because of it, which is really sad. He will spend no time in jail, He will probably pay no fines for what He did, and to me this is once again very sad and very tragic because it speaks of where the nation is; it speaks of just how much damage these evil spirits have done to our nation and our society.

White middle class-to-poor men and women are still rotting in dungeons because they followed a crowd into the capitol building a year ago, and yet people like Will Smith, Hilary Clinton, and Deshuan Watson can commit crimes and nothing will ultimately happen to them as long as they’re a combination of the right skin color, the right political affiliation, the right social standing, and the right net worth. This is sad and tragic. True justice is diminishing more and more in a nation that curses the God from whom true justice flows.

Will Smith should have been arrested on the spot at the Oscars and hauled to jail. If it was an unknown white man that walked up on stage and slapped Chris Rock He would have been immediately arrested, and charges would have been filed by the district attorney. Will Smith wasn’t arrested. In fact, He was allowed to stay in the building and was actually permitted to come up on stage later and receive an award. This is astounding and it shows exactly where we are as a society.

Satan has done his work well. A large portion of the population wants to send people involved in the January 6th incident to Guantanamo Bay, while setting other people free that looted and burned cities to the ground in BLM riots in 2020. A large portion of the population sees no issue with what Will Smith did on Sunday night while also seeing no issue with what’s going on in his marriage and household. We need a move of God saints. We need Jesus!

In closing I want to say, as I’ve often said when writing and reflecting on the times we’re living in over the past few years, that there’s always hope because we serve a God that does not abandon his people. Although there are many in this nation that have given themselves over to the false gods and evil spirits that have grown in strength and power, there is still yet a remnant of sold out born again believers that are calling out to God to divinely intervene. Let’s believe for the God whom we serve to hear our cries and to intervene. Let’s be bold witnesses for Christ and brave mouthpieces for the truth of God’s word, and let’s call the broken and the hurting like Will Smith back to Christ and back to God’s ways. You are the light church, you are the city set on the hill (Matt.5:14) called to shine forth to a lost and dying world who desperately need Christ. I charge you this day, be that light. Shine forth with boldness. Do not hold back the truth from those who need to hear it, despite their violent rebukes and loveless rejections. We plant, we water, but God will bring the increase on the seeds of righteousness we continue to sow in his due season and time (1 Cor.3:7). Of this I am confident. In this I rest!

In His Service,
Stephen Powell
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  • Why didn’t you just use the words of Christ? “If a man strikes you on the cheek turn to him also your other cheek”. Or “blessed are those who make Peace for they will be called Sons of God”?


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