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In this week’s series of articles I wish to discuss a subject which I think will be most beneficial for people from all walks of life, and especially those in a place of leadership. People who are looking to build things (whether in the world or in the church) need to rely on others in order to achieve their goals. No building project that’s of any real value can be completed without help. Learning to trust and thoroughly rely on others, preferably those who complement your own skill set and knowledge, is a most important character trait for being a builder. But the danger in this endeavor comes if you trust the wrong person. Lacking trust in your partners can greatly hinder a project, but trusting in the wrong partner can bring the whole project to ruin. I believe those who are most responsible for bringing projects to ruin are those who carry what I call “The Leech Spirit”.


The leech spirit, from my experience, likes to attach itself to people who have personal issues. These people lack the personal fortitude, discipline, and character to ultimately “make it on their own”, so they become a prime target for a spirit which carries the same traits. A leech is a type of worm which survives by attaching itself to other life forms and feeding off of that lifeform’s blood. The bible says that life is in the blood (Lev.17:11). A leech literally survives by sucking the life out of others. The same is true for the leech spirit’s hosts.

The people whom the leech spirit attaches itself to amplifies their character weaknesses and they become one of Satan’s assignments that are sent into the ministries or businesses of others in or to bring disruption, drama, and ultimately suck the life from the people who are called to lead. Because this kind of person is too weak to make their own way or to make their own luck (so to speak) they attach themselves to others who have high character, high functioning faith, who are winners and go-getters. These people end up dragging their targets down who allow them into their confidence, and they can eventually totally derail a project, a ministry, or a business if the leader does not become aware of what’s going on.


What makes dealing with a person that’s become a vessel for the leech spirit so difficult is they appear as a friend, many times when the leader needs a friend. It’s tough being a leader, running a ministry or a business. People who have the leech spirit are generally very good talkers and very likeable. Like a leech who looks harmless, these people appear as harmless innocent friends. But before long they have their teeth into your organization and your life, and you find the overall efficiency of your operation suffering and you can’t pinpoint why. Beware of the “friend” who appears out of nowhere but who doesn’t seem to have any lasting or meaningful relationships in their lives. These people generally leave a trail of dead relationships and ministries behind them in their wake, and for the wise leader these things can be detected and discerned if the leader learns this lesson.

Tomorrow we will continue this discussion.

In his Service,

Stephen Powell



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