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In this video you’ll hear a clip from Reverend Paul Washer talking about what He felt the Lord had shown him at the time (2008) about the persecution that would come to the church. The interesting thing I find about this video and about Paul Washer is 1) He doesn’t claim to be a prophet, and in fact I’m quite sure is in a part of the church that doesn’t even believe in the modern gift of prophecy, & 2) He seems to be dead on correct with what He foresaw and predicted, not because He was trying to predict something like so many charismatic prophets do today, but simply because He’s a man of the word and understands the days that we’re living in according to bible prophecy. This is something that every bible must consider if you call yourself a spirit-filled Christian. The power and useful of your prophetic gift before the Lord will always be in proportion to your commitment to God’s word. The more you drift from the word the more ineffective you will be for the things that truly matter in the kingdom.

- Stephen



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