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Recently, as Stephen has sought the Lord about the current state of the prophetic movement asking the Lord to give understanding about what’s been happening, the Lord has been gracious to give Stephen biblical insight as well as some powerful prophetic experiences that have explained a lot. In this video He shares a recent prophetic dream the Lord gave him where the Lord showed him how some of the prophet’s mantles have been defiled and how a lying spirit is at work through some of them to lace their prophetic words with “loopholes” in order to evade responsibility for what they’ve said.

“Loophole” is a legal term referring to an omission or ambiguity in a legal document that allows the intent of the document to be evaded. So in other words, there is lying deceiving spirit at work in some of the prophets which introduces ambiguous or vague prophecies which also strategically omits certain things from the prophecies when they’re delivered which is designed to cover the prophet when the things they prophesy don’t come to pass. This spirit gives them the correct “legal loophole language” that allows them to evade responsibility for the things they have spoken. This is a very serious matter that the Lord is exposing right now in this hour. Be blessed as you listen to this fresh prophetic word from Stephen for the hour, and may the Lord give you wisdom and understanding from his spirit so you might safely avigate the difficult times that we are in.

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