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In the previous two articles we discussed the troubling issue of incompetence in the prophetic movement. We talked about some of the tell-tale signs that an evil spirit has infiltrated a movement and changed the “natural order” of things to reward incompetence and bad service, as opposed to God’s kingdom which rewards competence and faithfulness. In the last article we talked about how the kind of incompetence which has been displayed by many prophetic ministries today would have people fired or losing their influence in a heartbeat if this happened in parts of our still functioning society in the world. In this last article we’ll continue with this thought and talk about an analogy I feel the Lord gave me from comparing prophets to plumbers! I even found a scripture for this! I pray this is a blessing to you.


When you hire a plumber in the world and He comes to your house there's an understanding that the service industry is competitive and that the plumber has to bring his “A-game” if He’s going to not only secure your business for that day but for future work as well. He or she has to prove themselves worthy of your business through “competence”.

The plumber must keep his word. If He tells you that the price is going to be a certain price, then He can’t unexpectedly tack on $50 without just cause. That would show incompetence if He doesn’t keep his word to you.

The plumber has to be competent at his work and capable at the trade of plumbing. If not you could have a worse problem on your hands costing you a lot more money because poor plumbing can cause water damage if the plumber doesn’t know what He or She’s doing. We’ve all heard those horror stories!

The plumber must be kind, respectful, and take care to pay attention to details. No one wants to work with a rude disrespectful contractor, no matter how skilled they may be. Details are important too. If the upstairs sink is leaking then you don’t want the plumber to mess around with the downstairs one and neglect the main problem because He misinterpreted you and wasn’t paying careful attention to what you were actually saying.

Everything I’ve just described is what forms the basis of a kingdom hierarchy in the earth based on “competence”. You prove yourself competent and you are rewarded by the system that God has put in place. This is why Free Market Capitalist societies produce the most wealth, blessing, and freedom. It’s because they are based off of the Competence Hierarchy which is how the kingdom of heaven operates.

Prophets are spiritual plumbers. When Elijah was having his showdown on Mount Carmel He mocked the prophets by saying, “..Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened (1 Kings 18:27 ESV). Yes, you heard right! Elijah was mocking the false prophets saying that their false gods could not answer at the moment because they were busy “relieving themselves”. They were too busy using the bathroom! Thus, you have the prophetic parallel making true prophets into the messengers that have to deal with the dirty false prophets and their dirty evil spirits that influence them. True prophets are like spiritual plumbers dealing with the garbage and the messiness in the church.

So why is it that prophets in this movement come into God’s house, lie to the people, bust up the pipes, flood the property, and still get paid millions of dollars a year for it? If they were real plumbers in the world they would find themselves homeless and without a job because of their negligent incompetence and the great damage they’ve caused to the house and it’s people. But these prophets and the people which fuel the movement through their committed following don’t live in the real world anymore. They live in delusion and fantasy land and their empires are funded by those who share in their delusions and fantasies; they’re funded by those who are willing to continue to part with their dollars and cents to feed the idolatrous machine.


If one is to break free from the lies and the delusion one must decide what is important from God’s perspective. A person has to quit compromising God’s standards which make up the basis of what we call biblical integrity. This really does matter.

Bearing false witness is a bad thing. It’s immoral, it’s misleading, and it can become abusive to the people of God if it is not properly addressed. We must hold prophets accountable for what they actually say, not for what they claim they meant after things didn’t go their way. Otherwise words have no meaning and anyone can say anything they want in leadership.

Competence is very important in the Kingdom of God and a functioning society. How much should we value competence in the Holy Church of Jesus Christ? How much should a movement claiming to steward the precious prophetic flame in the earth today value competence among its leaders? Competence, integrity, honesty, humility, meekness,... these are the things which should be rewarded. Arrogance, pride, stubbornness, being stiff-necked, refusing to submit to others, refusing to submit to the teaching and orthopraxy called for in Scripture, refusing to take responsibility for one’s actions and words; these are things which should not be rewarded, no matter how much love and grace we feel in our hearts for the sons and daughters involved in these sins. Yes, that’s right, it’s sin in the eyes of God, not mere character flaws or boo-boos. It’s unrepentant sin.

The Lord is looking to bring forth the emergence of the greatest prophetic ministry and authority in the days to come that we’ve ever seen. Those who learn from the lessons He’s trying to teach us now, as Dagon is falling in this movement, will qualify for the next level of advancement into the very mantle of Jesus’ own prophetic ministry as sons and daughters of God. Put down the charismatic fortune cookies. Let go of the Christian tarot cards. Quit making fortune telling and subjective spiritual experiences your main message and function. Return to the gospel and the centrality of Christ. Take up the apostolic commission once again to “give yourself continually to prayer and the ministry of the Word” (Acts 6:4). The Word is able to save souls (James 1:21). Let your Christ-like character and conduct speak louder than your facebook predictions and your books about subjective spiritual experiences. Let your light so shine for Christ in all the world, and let there be a restoration of competence in the prophetic ministry today. This we pray Lord in Jesus’ name.

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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