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Introduction by Stephen,

Here is a heartfelt and personal word from Jeri Hill, the wife of the late Steve Hill who led the Brownsville Revival in the 90’s. I wanted to share this word in it’s unaltered form from Jeri’s facebook page for a few reasons: 1) It shows something very healthy coming from a wife and woman of God within a marriage that is very beautiful and godly in God’s eyes which is often diminished and dismissed as old fashioned in our highly demonic Jezebelic charged culture. 2) Secondly, I wanted to share this story because Jeri’s words drip with the “oil of revival”. This is a snapshot into her life lived with her husband when God was beginning to move powerfully in the spirit of revival and was preparing them as a revival couple for what was to come. Are you preparing as a couple for revival? Are you considering others before yourself, humbling yourself to be used as a sovereign vessel, or is it all about “you and your own ministry”. Be blessed as you read Jeri’s touching testimony here today, and be encouraged… God is beginning to do a similar work in many ministry couples across the earth. Another wave is coming!

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


It took 12 years of marriage before I realized exactly what my role was supposed to be for Steve...

I was so fixated on everything I was doing. My Bible Study, my part in helping the Bible School, and my evangelism on the mission field. Sure, I would pray for Steve, but my main focus was on what I was doing.

Sometimes, when we’re in ministry, we think we’re being a team player, but really we’re just trying to be a one man show.

It wasn’t until 1991 when I went into the office and saw my husband laid down on the floor crying out to God saying, “Lord, I know how to evangelize. I know how to plant churches. I know how to be a missionary, but God, I don’t want to do it in my own strength! I want You to do it through me!”

Something hit me in the spirit and I slowly walked back to the top of the stairs and began interceding over my husband. I wept and wept and wept as my heart realized how much I had been focused on myself and not being a true help-mate and intercessor for Steve. I started weeping saying, “Yes God, do it through him Jesus. Do it through him.” Something shifted in the spirit and God started doing it through him like never before... a vessel fit for the Master’s use.

For 12 years, I felt we had been doing ministry side by side. But from that moment on, we were intertwined in the spirit. Where he went in the natural, I was there in the spirit interceding on his behalf. We truly became one.

Are we so fixated on what we want to do? Or are we hearing what God is wanting to do through us? Let’s be sensitive to Him. And maybe it won’t take you 12 years like it took me...

Jeri Hill, The Widow’s Oil





Jeri Hill is the wife of the late evangelist Steve Hill and the president of Steve Hill Ministries. Jeri travels nationally and internationally bringing the message of revival, repentance and healing to a lost and dying world.

Jeri grew up in a troubled home. As a result, she fell deep into drugs, rebellion and self destruction. Jeri did, however have a praying mom who was constantly interceding for her. Through her mother’s prayers and the faithful witness of a local minister, Jeri’s heart began to soften. At age eighteen, she opened up to the gospel message and soon came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior.

Jeri went on to enter Teen Challenge, where she was trained and discipled. After graduation she attended Twin Oaks Academy in Lindale, Texas founded by David Wilkerson. It was at Twin Oaks that she met her future husband, Steve.

Steve and Jeri entered the ministry immediately and labored side by side as missionaries in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain and Belarus. In 1995 their lives were wonderfully interrupted by the outbreak of the Pensacola Revival at Brownsville Assembly of God. For the next five years, she home-shcooled her three children while participating in the ministry at the revival ever night.

After relocating to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area in 2000 Steve and Jeri began to feel the leading of the Lord to plant a church. Heartland World Ministries Church was birthed and is now a thriving church in the DFW metroplex.

In 2007 Steve was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma cancer. This was the beginning of the most intense battle the two would ever face. For six years Jeri held true to a word she heard from the Lord to take "care of the man of God." Putting everything on hold, she stood faithfully at his side while he fought through the cancer. In 2011 the doctors gave up on Steve and sent him home to die. Unwilling to accept the doctors word as the final word, Jeri trusted God for a miracle and watched as Steve was raised up from his death bed and given three more years of ministry before the Lord called him home in the spring of 2014.

Jeri continues to lead the evangelistic work both she and her husband established more than thirty years ago. She resides in the Gulf Shores of Alabama and has three children, Ryan, Shelby and Kelsey.

To find out more about Jeri and her ongoing ministry click here.

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