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In this video Stephen & Eric give a powerful message to the church during this crucial time when there’s a great temptation that has arisen to despise and mock the prophetic. It’s not just specific prophets, or prophets who are presumed to be false or in error, that people are attacking now. There seems to be an all out assault against the prophetic ministry itself. People who used to be passionate about the gifts of the spirit and the prophetic in particular don’t even want to be associated with it anymore. People are rebranding in order to withdraw from this controversial ministry. But mark our words saints: the best is yet to come in the prophetic! There will be a bridal company of prophetic people who rise up in these last days and prophesy just like Jesus and the prophets of the bible did, under a weighty spirit of glory and power becoming the very oracles of God for this generation. Now is not the time to despise the prophetic, but embrace it all the more and believe God to mature us to a degree we’ve never seen before!

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