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Dear Friends and partners,

What an awesome God we serve! Despite how crazy our world seems at times His rich blessings continue to overwhelm those who are staying connected to his heart! I pray this is your testimony at this time as it has been mine and my family's this year!

Just a quick update. I'm excited to announce that I'll be releasing a brand new book soon, based on some of the revelation that I've actually been sending out through our Newsletter this year. There's been a beautiful anointing lately for me to just get away with the Lord, focus on him, my health, my family, and do things like write more, which has been a burden I've had for many years. I've always wanted to get more consistent with not just releasing blog posts but also with producing books and other materials related to the revelation in my books such as study guides, schools, and more video/audio teaching series' that go with the printed resources! I'm excited to announce that all of this is about to become a reality as our ministry will be releasing several new books, schools, and teaching series before the end of the year to help our friends and followers grow closer to the Lord in these perplexing times! I'm so excited about this! God, by his grace, has given me the strength, the focus, and the discipline (as well as some very skilled assistants) in order to complete several of these projects, and now they are in production as I write this, and we're preparing to make them available to the public! God is good!

In today's update I wish to express my heart, to you our friends and followers, by saying that we're here to serve you! Of course, our service to the body of Christ comes out of our service to the Lord first and foremost, but having said that I still want to share that what matters to you matters to us. We want to help you with your walk with God. We want to help you grow spiritually and be healthy in every area of your life.

So with that, I would like to request some feedback from you guys. Are there any subjects so far this year that I've covered in my writing or in my videos that has blessed you that you would like to hear more on? Are there some subjects that are near and dear to your heart that you would like me to address and give my perspective on that I haven't talked about yet? Is there any biblical teaching that you would like to hear more of? Please let me know. If it's within my ability I would be happy to put together some more targetted teachings and videos to address more of your questions and concerns!

Once again, as I often say in these updates, thank you to everyone who has continued to partner with us and stand with us during this season of our lives and ministry! We cannot do what we do without the faithful ongoing support of our friends & partners. We love you. Know that you are precious to Amanda and I, and please do let us know if you have any prayer requests. It's our great privelege to lift up our friends and partners before the Lord in prayer and stand with you in faith for God's promises in your life.

In his Love,

Stephen Powell



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