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In the previous article I spoke about being lifted up into the visions of God as I engaged in the prophetic anointing that was on some prophets that I was listening to as I went to bed. These prophets were defending the Trump prophecies still right up until the inauguration, and they are among those who have stuck to these words even after they’ve clearly fallen to the ground.

I talked about how there was a mix of a Jezebelic demonic attack and a true revelatory anointing that I experienced when these visions occurred. I believe that this experience gave me clear discernment and understanding on what’s been happening in the prophetic movement, although I am happy to repent and change my mind if the Lord convicts me and shows me differently through his word. In this article I’ll continue talking about what I experienced and what I feel the Lord is trying to show us through it.


In another spiritual experience that I had as I fell asleep listening to these prophets, I was brought into one of these prophet’s churches in the U.S.. In this visionary encounter I stood out in the audience and watched as He preached and prophesied from the platform. Immediately I noticed the unusual altar area. The normal carpeted type altar area in the church had been replaced with a muddy dirty street that went right through the church. The street reminded me of a country dirt road that had just been torn up by a passing storm. There was mud everywhere, puddles of water, debri which had swept onto the road. This all has prophetic meaning which I’ll explain in a moment.

As I focused my spiritual eyes even more I saw what looked like a white shirt in the mud. It was messy lying on the dirt road in front of this prophet as He continued to speak. Examining the shirt it appeared to have several holes in it. Not just one or two, but I would say at least 75-100 holes. It was so loaded with holes I thought to myself, “How much of the original mantle is still there?”.


When I came out of this experience and I asked the Lord what this meant I felt like the Lord told me that the holes were “loopholes”, and that the white shirt which I saw in front of the prophet as He was ministering was his prophetic mantle which was fallen, dirty, defiled, and had a legal component to it (the legal loopholes) which determined how he crafted his prophecies and words. A legal loophole is “an omission or ambiguity in a legal document that allows the intent of the document to be evaded” (1). This is what I believe the Spirit of God would say to us at this time:

In my church there is a sinister lying spirit at work among my prophets

This spirit has lied to the people and has caused these prophets to lie to themselves.

They can no longer discern between the pure and the profane,

They can no longer separate the vile from the pleasing in my sight.

In many cases and in many places several of them have crossed a line in their prophetic giftings and offices and now they have become a consistent and reliable voice for Satan.

For in this day did I the Lord not warn that these deceivers, tricksters, and even false anointed ones would come among you, dressed in wool, white as snow, but inwardly they are of another spirit… a spirit that is devouring the like precious faith of my people?

There is a Loophole mantle that has replaced the pure mantling of my Word upon these prophets, says the Lord

They should have been preachers of the Word

They should have been men and women of the Word

But they have transformed into fortune tellers

They have turned into diviners of the spirit realm extracting information that’s relevant to the building of their empires by spiritual means. But they have lost my trust, says the Lord, and they have lost the trust of my Spirit of Truth.

This loophole mantle crafts for them prophecies that are structured like documents which have legal loopholes. These prophecies obscure details, make certain points “ambiguous”, and these prophecies are spoken in such a way that allow these prophets to evade responsibility when their words clearly fall to the ground.

When prophecies are missed they hide them in plain sight, and when prophecies seem to hit closer to the mark they magnify them for all the world to see. This is the nature of these loophole prophets who have emerged in your day. They use technology to their advantage and count on your own personal “information overload” to forget their misdeeds and only focus on what they place in front of you.

Judgment is not for them.

Correction is beneath them.

Humility is not for them because I have not sent them, says the Lord.

They have ran, but it was not I who sent them.

They have prophesied, but it was not I who spoke to them, even though they’ve stood speaking in the name of the Lord.

But let it not be named among you my leaders and my saints that you had anything to do with this nonsense, for with this defilement comes a price for your very faith.

Compromise a little today and you may only see a little tint, but soon thereafter you will see your mantle fallen to the ground completely defiled as these ones have.

Your alters will turn to defilement.

People will come to the altar to get free, but they will only become more contaminated as these prophets impart their spirit which they move in, which I the Lord does not approve of.

Heed these words and consider your own cleansing in this hour, for the time is coming and yes is soon at hand when the washing of the Word will go underground and my people will have to go low to get it.

For in the days you are living in the false will continue to grow stronger and stronger, bolder and bolder, heavier and heavier for my church to bear.

Soon and very soon there will be a succumbing to the weight of the antichrist spirit in the earth, and these prophets whom I have not sent are making the way for such a cave.

Their words are like paper mache, their ministries are like a house of cards, which I’ve allowed them to build just so I can knock them down… so that you might know that I am the Lord and that I will share my glory with another, I have allowed these prophets to fall on their face.

Let it be known the pride they walk in.

Let it be known the lack of reverence they show when they pervert my Word and speak presumptuously in my name.

Let it be known how they conduct themselves before the people, for this is not the way of my pure prophets. This is not the way of my servants, who are meek, humble, and teachable at all times.

Do not listen to their loophole prophecies any longer.

Do not let these spirits prey on your hopes and fears any longer, to build their weak wall of false hope and false security for the hour that you are living in.

Fear only God and only hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, for there your investment is secure. There you will not be let down. There these idols cannot exploit you for gain any longer.

Spiritual adultery has occurred in the charismatic church which causes us to “seek a sign” while not really seeking the Lord and his truth (Matt.12:39). We have joined with another spirit, just like the Jews did at the time of Christ’s first coming, and everything we have built is designed to crucify the Lord afresh (Heb.6:6), trample underfoot his sacrifice (Heb.10:29), and defile the word of God. God have mercy on us.


In my vision, I believe the dirty road which has replaced the clean altar area represents the compromised prophetic ministry that has “messed things up” and defiled the altar of the Lord in the charismatic church today. Like with Cain and Abel, one group has offered something that Has been rejected by the Lord and they can’t figure out for the life of them why this is. They’ve offered in their flesh, out of their own soul, what they want, but not what the Lord wants. The other group has offered Christ and the truth, even though it is incredibly unpopular at this time, not only in the earth but in the church. One group has been enriched through false prophecy, the other group has borne the reproach of the Lord through continuing to preach and teach the truth of God’s word no matter what.

The dirt road which came from outside the church as an extension of the world, right through the altar area of this church, I think is pretty self-evident as to the meaning. The world has come into the Lord’s church, not through the door (which is Christ), not God’s way (which is being washed by the Word, repenting, and receiving the Lord’s clean white robes of righteousness). The world has busted right through the walls of the church, and in many ways our false teachings and doctrines have not only allowed it but welcomed it.

Our efforts to reach the world according to man’s ways and not the ways of the Lord have caused us to become worldly and contaminated by the evil of this age. We are defiled by the world in the charismatic church, our garments are spotted, our messages filled with compromise and mixture, and we dare to call it holy and acceptable in God’s sight. The fact that this dirty street and way filled the altar of the Lord in this church as this prophet kept speaking as if it was no big deal says something. Through this vision I believe this Lord is trying to say:

You have filled my alters with your filth when you should have been cleansing my people with the washing of water by my word (Eph.5:26). Filthy defilement in word and deed passes for holy exchange in my house today. The deeds and the doctrines of Nicolai go unnoticed, unchecked, and unchallenged in your sanctuaries, and you wonder why I have rejected your offering in this season, says the Lord.

I believe the altar represents a holy grace exchange between God and the people that is supposed to take place under the governmental leadership of the five fold ministry. But Eli’s sons have converted the house of the Lord into a parlor of exploitation. Many prophets today have defiled the place of exchange, and instead of the pure Holy Spirit and the pure washing of the Word, they’re imparting the substance of their own filthy mantles. They’re imparting an idolatrous spirit which causes themselves to be uplifted and their own words to be super-charged with Pope-like power so that the hearer cleaves to them more than they do the written Word of God. The church is fallen, Jesus is weeping over our backslidden state, and we are completely clueless. Our doctrines of demons have made us numb to how God feels about what’s happened (1 Tim.4:1-2), and we’re completely oblivious. Lord have mercy.

The altar area in this vision represents a “sharing” of the spirit and defilement which has gone on between various prophets and prophetic ministry. Like with Zedekiah and the four hundred prophets in (1 Kings 22), one’s man’s lying spirit is like wildfire that quickly spreads and ignites the hearts and mouths of many.


“Then say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “The city sheds blood in her own midst, that her time may come; and she makes idols within herself to defile herself.”

(Micah 1:7)

“You offer defiled food on My altar, But say, ‘In what way have we defiled You?’ By saying, ‘The table of the Lord is contemptible.’”


“Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”

(1 Cor.3:17)

“If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.”

(Jude vs.23)

“But others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.”

Here are just a few scriptures which I feel express the heart and mind of God concerning the defilement that’s taken place with many prophets and with the charismatic church. We’ve made idols within ourselves, within our own hearts, and have magnified ourselves, our own ministries, our own words above the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Scriptures. We’ve offered defiled food upon God’s holy altar, which is false teaching, false prophecy, false hope, and a false sense of security which is based upon a lie. We’ve tolerated an anointed prophetess named Jezebel and allowed her to run things (Rev.2) just like the early church did, and we have received of her words even though her prophet’s mantle is defiled by the flesh and the world. By the words which we have spoken to people defilement has proceeded from our mouths, and we have not feared God when defiling his temple, even though He promised that those who do such a thing would be destroyed. Lord have mercy on us.

All I have to say in closing this article today is please carefully consider what I’ve written here today and the scriptures I’ve presented. I believe this has been written in good faith, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, with a revelation from the Lord for this hour. Prayerfully consider these things and ask the Lord to visit you afresh with his holy fire today. Ask him to put a holy hatred in your heart for the garments which are spotted by the flesh and the world, and ask him to show you what offering he’s seeking in this hour. I believe only Christ will be accepted by the Father, and it’s Christ in us that He’s looking for today! Christ in our hearts, Christ in our words, and Christ in our deeds!

In his Service,

Stephen Powell



Article References: (1)


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