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You’ve heard it said that there’s a “new breed” arising in the church today. Well I say there’s a new breed arising in the world as well. They are a new species. They are early prototypes of the perfection of serpent seed, the seed that the Evil One sowed into the Lord’s field by night (Matt.13:25).

This new breed is gender fluid. They can choose which gender or fake one best suits their demonic quest to release confusion, perversion, and destruction everywhere they go, into whatever they touch. As the new breed bride in the church is growing in their heavenly identity, the world's new breed is maturing in Satanic transformation, becoming more and more like the image of their Father the Devil, who is the Father of all lies (Jn.8:44). This new breed has mastered the complexities of identity & how to bend it to its most demonic destructive use. As the bride of Christ is awakening to new levels of grace for identity in the Lord, such as has never been entrusted to any generation in the history of mankind, so is Satan releasing his counterfeit to this identity move of the Lord.

In Satan’s worldly web of identity bondage a man who is half black and half white will always “identify” as black, just like our former US President Barack Obama did, because the “white” part of their identity doesn’t do anything for you politically or socially in the modern world. Bubba Watson uses the “white” part of his identity through his white father to gain entrance into the world of Nascar, but the moment He sees a garage pulldown in the form of a circular loop He immediately “identifies” as a black man who’s been a victim of a hate crime. Seemingly within minutes a battalion of FBI agents come racing to the scene responding with impressive efficiency to the crack of the whip coming from this evil racism leftist political spirit, only to find that the loop was actually nothing more than a loop. It was a simple “garage pulldown”, but it didn’t stop this man from playing that identity race card when it best suited him to make the news. Am I calling Bubba Watson Satan’s child? No, I am not. I’m simply exposing the spirit behind identity politics in this world. It is an evil spirit that perverts the identity of sons and daughters of God and uses identity for evil purposes.

A boy grows up in his neighborhood, maybe a little smaller, a little skinnier, a little weaker than the other boys around him. When he comes of age and begins to compete in sports He finds himself riding the bench or playing in B and C leagues because He can’t compete with other boys who are naturally more gifted athletes than him. Now He goes through puberty and even in his less than impressive athletic form He still has God-given natural testosterone, bone density, and strength which comes to even the weakest of men. He decides to start “identifying” as a woman and playing with the girls who have none of the testosterone, bone density, and strength that He has as a maturing young man. He finally holds high that trophy that He never could in boy’s sports, and as an added bonus He even breaks a girl’s competition record in his particular district or state, all because He listened to the Devil’s Identity Demon which encouraged him to self-identify for his own self interest in a world that rewards self-serving lunacy. This is the maturation of the serpent seed, the image of the Evil One, within the vineyard of mankind.

I see a form of this spirit working in the church combining the perversion of self-identifying according to your evil desire combined with the political spirit in a quest for power. This spirit gets on ministers in the church and they are very fluid in their identities as ministers. They take on whatever form suits them best in the right situation to make them the most money and gather the most power. The popular identity card to pull today is a “Trump supporting conservative christian talk show host”. Used to you were a gospel preaching bible teaching minister that was very set on the passion you carried and the mission you knew you had from God, but finances were tight, persecution came often as a result of preaching the truth and teaching what the bible actually says. The devil came along and offered you a new identity, and you didn’t even have to fully discard the old one. You can be “fluid” with these identities and vacillate back and forth between them to suit you in whatever situation you find yourself in. For your social brand you now talk non-stop politics and very little bible and scripture, because that’s what’s been selling hand over fist the last few years. But when you accept the invite to the conference you put on your preacher/prophet hat and pander to your Bible Belt crowd. You don’t know who you are anymore, and now that Trump’s not in office anymore the new identity you’ve forged and used to rise to the top while playing your financial game feels somewhat hollow and empty. Your coasting on fumes with yesterday’s conservative talking points which feel all too empty now. What a difference ninety days makes! Maybe you’ll craft a “businessman” identity to throw into the mix so you can “engage” that sector of society,.. at least until Trump starts talking again. Little do you know that you’ve fallen prey to the same spirit of identity fluidity, combined with a political spirit which promises it’s servants power and influence with man, and yet all the while you’ve lost your true identity in Christ. You don’t know who you are anymore or what your purpose for being here truly is. You are a victim of your carnal passions, just like many leftists who use their identity cards in ways that best suit their dark desires. But in some ways your actions are worse because you dress it up in the robes of religion stamped with the approval of heaven, backed by your favorite scriptures which are always used out of context. And so the identity crisis continues and the serpent’s seed is alive and well in the church as well as in the world.

Make no mistake about it, identity is a very important issue which the Lord has raised in these last days, but our identity is supposed to be in Christ, nothing else. He is full of love. He is selfless, He is absolute humility and meekness, He does not flinch when it comes to speaking the absolute truth. Jesus knows exactly who He is and He cannot be told otherwise like Eve was told in the garden. In this we see once again just how much it all takes us back to the garden. Will you partake of the tree of life which is Christ, or will you partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Will your identity come from the Rock which is Christ, the Living word within which is a rock solid word revelation which has formed the basis for your rock solid identity in him. This is an identity that cannot be shaken by anything in your flesh or this world? Or is your identity being formed through the skillful servings of the serpent from that other tree? The serpent offers his fruit with his word, with his explanation, which is always a twisting of what God originally said. Did God say you can’t be a boy or a girl, according to your desire? Did God say you can’t be the race of expediency for the right situation? Did God say you can’t use the ministry identity as a tool to make money, and bury it at your discretion the moment persecution starts to arise over the word? “Did God say” is what Satan served to Eve, and it was absolutely pleasant to the sight, good for food, and desirable to make one wise (Gen.3:6). Your identity will always come down to the seed and the word you choose to receive and you choose to water inside. Will you bear the image of Jesus in the earth as his sanctified bride or will you bear the image of the Serpent Seed within, bringing forth the likeness of Satan’s darkest fantasies for the transformation of Adam?

Satan has envisioned a society with the power of the media witchcraft machine, with the authority of the liberal political machine, where you can convince entire swaths of young people to mutilate their bodies, cut off their breasts and genitalia, and take on the image of perversion and insanity for all the world to see. These are Satan’s serpent seed trophies on display, on the world stage, being celebrated for the courage they have to transform into their deepest darkest Satanic desires and urges. Every time a person “comes out” as a homosexual they’re bearing the image of the serpent seed. Every time a person self-identifies as the race of expediency according to the wicked climate we live in which rewards some races over others; everytime someone self-identifies in this way instead of self-identifying with the blood of Christ and the universal family of God composed of every tribe, nation, and tongue, then they are bearing the image of the serpent seed and serving the agenda of the Evil One. Everytime someone gets up and releases a message of love and justice while at the same time stirring up hatred and racial division among people groups, then that person is bearing the image of the Serpent Seed and they are aiding in clothing humanity in the Spirit of their Master. Whatsoever is not selfless, whatsoever is not humble, whatsoever is not meek, whatsoever is not of bible faith, and whatsoever is not of the true love of the Father is of this world, and will only add to the Serpent’s master plan to transform Adam into his image and likeness. Resist his mind and resist his image. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ (Phil.2:5), and may the image and likeness of God Almighty, of the Lord Jesus Christ, be your sole identity in the midst of this identity war. This identity war began in the garden and it will end at the wedding altar, for when we see him we shall be fully like him even though it does not yet fully appear in manifestation currently what we will become (1 Jn.3:2). Look to the Lord. Let the seed of his word and his spirit richly fill your innermost being, the very depths of your heart desires, and the fullness of your thoughts. Become the glorious bride joined at his side for the overcoming of the Wicked One and all that is in this world in these end times!

In His Service,

Stephen Powell



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