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As I alluded to in my previous letter which I sent to my friends and partners, I will now begin to lay out more succinctly some of the revelations I believe I’ve received about the election of 2020, the current state of the prophetic movement, and other various related topics. This article was written the night of January 6th after waking up from my sleep that night hearing the Lord. That night (as I describe below) I heard the audible voice of God speak to me about what was happening in the nation and the church. It was a very alarming and sobering word, but as I searched the scriptures late that night I found definite confirmation from the Lord pertaining to what I heard. Later on, I also contacted a friend and mentor of mine, telling him what God had spoken to me, and I was shocked to learn that He had just released a new book with the same words that God had spoken to me in the title.

So, I pray this is a blessing to you. I pray that God speaks to you through it. I’ve left it unaltered from the night I wrote it on January 6th as I’ve waited for the right time to release it. Now I feel it is the right time.




As I’m sitting up in my bed currently reading and meditating the scriptures on the eve of this January 6th, with all of the chaos that has ensued in the nation’s capital, I hear the Lord clearly speak in my right ear, “The hearts of many will fail the Trump test”. Here’s what I believe the Spirit of God would say to us at this time.

(Luke 21:25-26)

25 “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

In the book of Revelation a beast is seen coming up out of the sea and the Lord interprets what the sea is for John which he then wrote in his apocalyptic script (Rev.13:1). The sea which the beast rises from, which the harlot sits upon, is “peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues” (Rev.17:15).

Now, I’m not a bible scholar and I’m not a theologian. I’m just a Christian and a Minister who studies God’s word daily like my life depends on it, which it does. I hope you feel the same. Many times when I “tie” scriptures together in my messages, the messages are meant to be more prophetic in nature than the exact theological meaning of the text. I want to make that clear because I think both forms of using the scripture are important. The Spirit of God uses scripture as a blueprint to speak through prophetically all the time with rhema words for the body of Christ if we listen. This happens in our personal lives quite frequently as well if you’re aware of it and in tune. What I feel the Spirit of God saying to me at this time is this:

There is a “perplexity” that has hit the nation of America at this time (Luke 21:25). It’s a part of the aforementioned and prophetically spoken prescription for the end times, by the Lord Jesus Christ himself, for testing the hearts of all men and women. Every heart will be tested and some will “fail” (Luke 21:26). Why is it that Jesus said their hearts would fail? Because of fear. Tonight I heard the Lord call it “The Trump test”, and the Lord is telling me that many are failing this test.

Right now in America, there’s more fear which has ripened in the hearts of this nation then probably since the world wars gripped the nations over half a century ago. With covid-19, the supposed pandemic, people’s businesses being taken from them, marriages under incredible strain, and the prospect now looming of a “blue wave” overtaking Washington (which no known prophet foresaw), fear is gripping the hearts of millions and the smell of it is like chum for the sharks. The demons are circling ready to unleash hell upon a group of people which the bible says ultimately will happen by divine edict.


“It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.”

Authority is given to the beast over every “tribe, tongue, and nation”. As we read in (Rev.17:15) the sea is “peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues”. Although yes, theologically & exegetically, I believe that “the sea and the waves roaring” that Jesus spoke of will be literal physical signs in creation in some places at specific times, I’m also hearing the Spirit of God speak prophetically through this scripture for this time. Today I saw a sea of humanity wash over “Wash”-ington D.C. and “roar”. But why are so many roaring? Is it because anger and fear has gripped many people’s hearts? Such fear gripped several individuals today which drove them to the end of a cop’s gun, and they saw their fear and rage write the final chapter of their book here upon the earth. This is so sad.


(Luke 21:25)

“And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity (aporia), the sea and the waves roaring;

The word perplexity here in (Luke 21:25) comes from the greek word “aporia” meaning “being in a state of perplexity”. This word is from the same as “aporeo” meaning “to stand in doubt, be embarrassed, to not know which way to turn, and to be at loss with one’s self”. It’s used in an early prophetic prediction of the Lord’s when he spoke of one of his disciples planning to betray him.


“The disciples looked one on another, doubting (aporeo) of whom he spoke.”

They weren’t just perplexed or befuddled by Jesus’ prophecy, they had no faith for it. This is where we currently are in the charismatic church. We have no faith for Jesus’ “negative” prophecies and words in scripture, therefore we are not prepared for them when they come and we are overtaken by the enemy when our hyper-grace hyper-dominionist prophecies fail.

The disciples didn’t really believe their Master’s words when He said them because they saw the miracles from each of the twelve’s own hands. They all moved in the power of God, they all manifested the authority of Jesus, they all cast out devils, they all raised the dead and cleansed lepers. How could it be that from such pure power would come such treachery? There was no real faith in the Lord’s words when He gave the “hard words”. There was serious doubt because they could not grasp it in their own minds.

Many people in the charismatic church find themselves in the same situation now in America. They cannot grasp what has happened. It’s too much for them. Their hearts are failing them now for fear just as Jesus said. The disciples saw miracles by their peers' hands, so how could one of them betray the Lord? The charismatic church has seen the prophets accurately prophesy before, so how could all of them get it wrong on such an important issue? We stand perplexed and so we roar. But is our roar the roar of faith or fear? Is it a roar of love or hatred/anger? From reading my comment threads on facebook lately, I see a lot of fear and anger among Christians right now, and not much love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control, which against such there is no law (Gal.5:23). Many hearts are failing, and from this place the beast is destined to arise. He will be given authority to make war with the saints and overcome them. Make no mistake about it, saints: as the democrats have brought forth their blue majority and taken “dominion” through their voting system and big tech tyrants, they intend to wage the greatest war against the saints of the Most High that this nation and this world has ever seen. Unless the Lord intervenes, it looks like the Jezebelic witch that Kim Clement saw in the White House will be there with her Joe Ahab puppet to do her bidding. Unless the Lord intervenes, it looks like one of William Branham’s last prophecies before the Lord returns, going back to 1933, will finally be fulfilled; the cruel woman will arise to rule America.

Many have looked to the prophecies of Kim Clement during this era of the “Trump test” for inspiration, comfort, and encouragement. But the one that most strikes me now in this late hour is, “I will fool the people, says the Lord”. Could it be that we’re the people that have been fooled by the Lord? It’s never you until it’s you! Too often in the Charismatic Church we only hear what we want to hear, even when it comes to prophecy. Lord have mercy. Help us Lord!


(2 Cor.4:8)

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed (aporeo), but not in despair;”

In this verse the same greek word “aporia/aporeo” is used for the word perplexed. Under God’s grace, for those who are walking closely with him, for those that are keeping their lamps lit and ready for the king, He will not allow their hearts and their faith to fail. With them disappointment and perplexity will not move to despair. As the sea of humanity is “troubled on every side”; as they crash over the barriers in D.C.; as they crash through the doors of the Capitol building, there will be a bridal company who will not be moved by fear, or anger, or rage, or any of the other landing places for Satan’s oppression and witchcraft control. They will rise above the despair, above the distress of nations which they see coming on the face of the earth just as their bridegroom prophesied, and they will become the glorious bride of Christ. The question I have for you moving forward from this movement is this: are you a defeated conservative or the bride of Christ? Are you a perplexed, angry, fearful Trump supporter, or are you the bride of Christ? Are you the raging sea of humanity which is destined to be conquered by the beast and the whore, or are you the bride of Christ? As for me and my house we will serve the Lord (Josh.24:15). As for me and my house we’re going to be the overcoming bride which will rise above this present evil age to become who we’ve been called to be in him. Will you?

In His Service,

Stephen Powell



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