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Dear friends and partners,

Over the next several days/weeks (depending on how long it takes me to get it all together) I’ll be releasing a series of written articles in an attempt to explain more of what’s been happening with me before, during, and after the election of 2020. I encourage you to look for those if you would like to know more of my thoughts and heart about some of the things I’ve been saying and feeling from the Lord. But I wanted to get out a quick letter to our friends and partners and give some shorter answers here in this letter, for those who have been wondering. I’m also going to be hosting a zoom meeting where all of you are welcome to join me and ask me anything you want in that format. That zoom meeting will take place February 18th at 10am MST. Here is the link for it:

If you’re not able to attend in person I will send out the link for the archive on it for those of you who might be interested in watching it later. For those who need more comprehensive steps on how to join this zoom meeting on Feb.18th, I’ll leave a copy of the instructions on how to participate at the end of this letter.


In short, I’ve had some encounters with the Lord since the election that has seriously altered my perception about what’s been happening in the prophetic movement, and also in the nation, in particular with the MAGA movement and Q-Anon. If you’re still caught up in all that you might be inclined to believe that it was an evil spirit that visited me and gave me dream after dream, vision after vision, night after night, and misled me concerning this. But I do not believe that to be the case. I would hope that you, my friends and partners, would at least be open to hearing me out after all these years of walking with me.

To my surprise and somewhat disappointment, most of my revelations that I have received which have altered my perception about what’s been happening took place after January 6th. It seems that something broke in the spirit realm on that day, which I can’t fully explain, but on the night of January 6th while I was laying down to go to sleep I heard the audible voice of God speak to me about a “Trump Test” that many were currently failing and were going to fail. I contacted a friend and mentor and told him about the prophetic experience, and to my shock He had just released a book with those same words as the title: “The Trump Test”. It was definitely a confirmation to what God spoke to me. More on that word will be released in an upcoming article with that name, so look for that.

But I asked the Lord why He waited so long to show me things. I asked him why He waited until after January 6th to give me definite clarity on some of the things I had been sensing in the prophetic movement involving the Trump prophecies but couldn’t definitively come out and say. I asked him why He waited so long to reveal more of his plan concerning the nation at this time. Although I don’t think I’ll ever fully get all the answers, I think some of the answers are apparent and have become more self-evident as things have unfolded.

The truth is I don’t think anyone wanted to hear what God had to say about Trump and the future of America. I don’t think anyone really cared, as awful as that sounds. We had our minds made up, regardless of what the true spirit of prophecy had to say. I would say 95% of spirit-filled believers (at least the ones in my stream) would not have heard anything different than, “Trump’s going to win, God’s going to restore America, it will be nothing but good times from here on out, God is going to make America great again through Trump”. I think the Spirit of Truth knew that He wasn’t invited to the party and that He wasn’t welcome. To me, that is very sad and very alarming. What does that say about the state of our hearts today in the church? How far are we from God? How deceived have we really been in thinking that we knew the mind of God about such things? One thing is certain, which in my mind can’t be disputed: humility and inward searching is the order for the hour.

We seem to have so fostered an atmosphere that welcomes itching ear sermons coupled with sugary prophecy that there’s nothing but hostility for anything that does not tow the prophetic party lines in the charismatic church. I know because I’ve dared to be a voice of descent from the currently accepted narrative and I’ve been annihilated for it. My wife deactivated her facebook…. again, because of the amount of venom that’s been spewed at us day and night since I started to voice some of my differences in belief about what’s been happening. It’s really sad saints. It hurts my heart to say these things, but I know it hurts the heart of God even more.


I’m not saying I have it all figured out, but in short here’s what I believe God has shown me, which I’ll be elaborating more on in the days to come in more comprehensive scripturally based articles:

1. Like Kim Clement so astutely prophesied all those years ago, God has fooled the people. Only it wasn’t democrats that were fooled this time, like in 2016. It was us!

2. As the bible clearly teaches, there is no leader that comes to power who is not sovereignly operating under God’s control (Prov 21:1; Jer.27:6; Dan.2:21; Acts 13:1). Because Joe Biden is in power (and He is regardless of what lying prophets and Q boys tell you), God has a plan. Don’t trust Joe Biden, but trust the Lord that He’s going to use the next four years for our good.

3. Accepting that Joe Biden is President is not a confession of betrayal against God or Trump. It is not a confession that you’ve lost faith in God’s word. God’s word is found in the bible, and any word given today is inferior to that infallible word. Accepting Joe Biden as President helps you to:

- Accept God’s plan for America at this time (which is in part judgment and chastisement for a rebellious people).

- Stay free from the spirit of delusion that has gripped so many that won’t accept reality.

- Position yourself to pray properly in accordance with God’s will now. The bible says to pray for our leaders. If you don’t accept Joe Biden as a leader and pray for him accordingly then it will hinder the prayer covering for the nation.

4. My worst fears have been realized, and I am now 100% positive that there is a lying spirit within the prophetic movement today that is typed after the (1 Kings 22) biblical paradigm of Zedekiah and the 400 prophets (You can visit my Lion of Light youtube channel and see my video where I voiced this concern after the election on November 4th, 2020).

5. The fallout of the failed election prophecies has clearly made a distinction between people that just missed it and all-out false prophets.

- False prophets have “the spirit of the wolf” on them, and they engender ravenous followings that attack anyone who dares to challenge them.

- False prophets are spiritual abusers of God’s people who feel the need to threaten and manipulate those who don’t agree with them or who dare to challenge them on biblical grounds.

- False prophets today are equating their authority to that of scriptural authority and demand obedience to their words with the same devotion that one is called upon to obey the scriptures.

- False prophets are beyond correction, above judgment, and can never be wrong, even when their words clearly fall to the ground.

- False prophets today, like in biblical times, prey on the hopes and fears of people and craft their messages in such a way that makes their followers victims of this exploitation. But the fears they allude to never seem to come like they say they will, and the hope they sell never seems to play out like they say it will.

6. Kim Clement's words are used by Christians today in a very abused and twisted way in order to divine out of this past prophet what we want to hear and what we want to be. With the kind of divination that’s at work in the prophetic movement we can make this man say just about whatever we want as we crop clips here and grab sound bites there from the hundreds of hours he has archived. The truth is Kim Clement rarely spoke of Donald Trump by name. Of all the prophecies I’ve listened to by Kim (and I’ve listened to a lot), I’ve only heard him mention Trump by name once. For the rest of the Kim Clement “Trump prophecies” we assume that He’s talking about Trump and create our own little Trump prophecy fantasy land that we cleave to tighter than the word of God. It’s very disturbing and very unhealthy. Kim has become an idol to the prophetic movement and it needs to stop. Let that idol be torn down and may we see Kim as the man He was. He was not perfect. At times He prophesied falsely. There’s a long list of fulfilled prophecies as well as failed prophecies from Kim Clement to see, for the one who dares to look at him objectively. The prophecies of scripture are the infallible ones that will be fulfilled with 100% accuracy, and those are the ones we should study more than any.

7. Many of the Trump prophets have quit caring about being prophetic. Used to, being prophetic was pretty simple. Someone prophesied and if it referred to a specific event, with a specific timing (like the 2020 election), and it didn’t come to pass, everyone would admit they missed it and move on. But not these prophets. Most prophets clearly missed it, but clearly missing it is not enough to admit that you got it wrong anymore. Q Anon conspiracies have to be waited on for fulfillment until Jesus comes back now in order for the prophet to change his or her mind. I’m not buying it. It’s pride, it’s delusion, it’s wrong and prophets need to take responsibility when they miss it this badly.

8. These prophecies about Trump being re-elected absolutely referred to the November 3rd election. Not 2024, not March 4th this year, but November 3rd, 2020. That is the day which came with consequence for the presidency, and the events that unfolded from there, just like with every election before that one, led to Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20th. And no, Joe Biden is not doing everything from a Hollywood set. He is really literally in the White House, and that’s why they still have the fence up. He’s not that popular of a guy. Try telling the workers of the keystone pipeline who are out of work currently that Joe Biden is not the President and that Trump’s really running everything from the winter White House, aka Mar A Lago. They’ve felt the power of the new President’s pen. Joe’s the President despite what Q fantasy is telling you.

9. The argument of “God doesn’t work on man’s calendar, He works on his own” is complete baloney as it pertains to 2020 Trump election prophecies. Why? Because none of the prophets who are now using that excuse (and that’s what it is, an excuse) never introduced that condition into their prophecy until things didn’t go their way on November 3rd. Coincidence? I think not. The sad truth is these prophets have introduced several conditions since November 3rd. Many of them have moved the goal posts several times and stretched their prophecies’ meanings and applications in order to avoid taking responsibility for them. That’s the truth. This has nothing to do with “fighting for America”. We don’t need false prophecies to fight for America. We need humility and truth. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land” (2 Chron.7:14). Notice how prayer and humility is a prerequisite for healing the land, not false prophecy. We need more prayer and humility in the charismatic church at this point and less presumptuous prognostication.

10. Concerns over what’s been happening in the prophetic movement are not small matters. These are very big matters that require a lot of time and effort to deal with effectively.

11. Anyone that tells you that cleansing the prophetic movement is “taking away from winning souls” or taking away from “fighting the real battle for the country” is misleading you and not telling you the truth. Anyone that says that you can’t deal with the issues in the church, while at the same time win souls and fight for the nation, is misleading you and not telling you the truth. These are straw man arguments which are once again designed to draw people’s attention away from addressing these important issues in the church that the Lord is not about to let go of without thoroughly addressing.

12. I do believe the election was stolen. Mathematical statistical analysis bears that out in the places where Joe defied the impossible odds. But just because the election was stolen doesn’t mean that Donald Trump won. Donald Trump still lost because He failed to beat the politicians at their own game. God foresaw all of the variables, including the fraud and cheating, and still allowed the democrats (or should I say the globalists) to take power. There’s a reason for this. I happen to believe, due to my study of scripture, that it has something to do with our sin and repentance as a people, just like ancient Israel, and the quicker we quit pointing the finger at dominion software, social media, and democrats, and start really looking at the spiritual problems of America which is causing these tangible symptoms, the quicker we’ll be on a true path to restoration.


So in closing this letter I can honestly say I’ve borne my heart to you and that I’ve been absolutely honest. To be frank, in my heart of hearts I do hope I turn out to be wrong about some of this because I know the implications of what I’m speaking here today. It’s not going to be easy moving forward. But this is honestly what I believe and what I see prophetically, biblically, spiritually, and logically as I’ve prayed and wrestled over these things for months. I hope you can see and appreciate the deep wrestling in these words I’ve shared here today. These are not casual thoughts, but difficult realities which I’ve had to face as I’ve sought the Lord concerning these things of late. I hope you can hear my heart and consider what I’m saying here.

I want you to know that I fully respect your individual beliefs. If you decide that you disagree with me on one or all of my points that I’ve made here today, that’s fine. I bless you to walk out your own faith journey according to your own convictions. Just make sure you're doing it with a prayer life and with the bible as your companion. I doubt not the Holy Spirit’s ability to lead you and I as we continually seek to humble ourselves under his mighty hand that we might be exalted into his mind and heart for this hour. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, and may He give you that peace that surpasses all understanding during these distressing times, as He has promised to give his beloved always!

In His Love and Service,

Stephen Powell



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