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In the previous article we began a discussion talking about the promise of the coming Christ which was seen in the revelation of Christ that the patriarchs, the heroes of our faith carried, which was spoken about in (Heb.11). We saw how the “promises” were inclusive in “the Promise” which was Christ, and how the bible says that many died having not yet received the promise even though they carried the revelation of Christ. Many today are dying as well having not seen the promise of Christ the Healer, or Christ the Deliverer, as covid is ravaging our churches and our communities. But the promise still remains none the less for those who are heirs according to the promise just like the bible says. Let this be a word of encouragement to those that have been shaken in their faith during this great time of trouble in the earth. Let these words be nourishment to your soul as you battle on to stand in the promise of Christ, continuing to believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him (Heb.11:6). We indeed are being pressed from every side like the scripture speaks of (2 Cor.8:8-9). Here are some of the different “sides” I believe we’re being tested and pressed in.


Moses moved with faith and “kept” the Passover when the plagues and the spirit of death entered Egypt to take the young and vulnerable (Heb.11:28). He did this according to the revelation of Christ, for Christ is our Passover (1 Cor.5:7). The spirit of death came, the plagues of Egypt came, and the children of Israel who moved according to the revelation of Christ and applied the blood. As a result they were saved and preserved. The body of Christ is currently facing the same test. We’ve been confronted with a virus that has hit the world (Egypt) and those who have the revelation of Christ and the revelation of the blood are keeping Passover everyday, applying the blood to their homes, believing for death to pass over them in this season. Some are dying having not yet received the promise, in this case the promise of Christ the Healer and Savior of our bodies, to heal our bodies and deliver us from this spirit of death that has swept across the globe. But even if we do not see the manifestation of Christ the Healer and Deliverer what matters is that the seed remains and we go to meet our Savior still believing. That’s what counts. That’s what’s being tested in this hour I believe. Will we keep the testimony of Christ, still believing to the end, even if we don’t see the promise like the patriarchs before us?



“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”

In Mark the sixteenth chapter we are told by our Lord that we shall cast out demons in his name, take up serpents, and if we drink anything deadly it will by no means harm us (Mark 16:17-18). Sometimes when you cast out evil spirits (which are like snakes in the spirit) you have to take hold of those spirits; you have to take up serpents as Mark put it. But in the process of having to handle these evil spirits, we have the promise that they shall not harm us.

I’ve become convinced that the coronavirus, along with all of it’s affiliate evils, are completely demonic. I’ve become convinced that there is a spirit of death that has teamed up with a spirit of fear and torment which has been canvassing the globe to torment mankind through this event. If this is the case then a vaccine (which is purely an attempt to deal with this thing medically) is not enough. We must get a hold of these serpents in the spirit and overcome them in the spirit. We must tread upon these serpents and scorpions in the name of the Lord, first in the power of Christ’s deliverance if we are to ever truly see this thing overcome in the flesh.

Jesus often dealt with the spirit of a thing before He dealt with the physical symptoms that were affecting people. Jesus dealt with spirits of blindness then healed people’s eyes (Matt.12:22-23). Jesus dealt with the spirit of dumbness before He loosed people’s tongues (Matt.9:33, 12:22-23; Mark 9:25; Lk.11:14-26). Jesus often dealt with the spirit of deafness before he opened ears (Matt.17:18; Mark 9:25). In many cases, biblically speaking, the spirit of a thing must be dealt with before we get the breakthrough in the natural world. I believe such is the case with the coronavirus.

The body of Christ worldwide is currently being tested on our revelation of Christ the Savior, Christ the Deliverer, and Christ the Healer. Is Christ enough to deliver us from such a heavy oppressive pair of principalities that has overtaken the nations? Is Christ enough to heal us from such a virus? I believe He is, yet some die having not received the Promise.


As I’ve already mentioned it is not just the coronavirus that we are dealing with since the start of the new decade, but all of it’s “affiliate evils” that have been strengthened since the virus has appeared. One of it’s affiliate evils is racism. Identity politics has become the modern day wineskin (if you will) for this principality’s power. It’s wineskin at one time may have been among those who covered their faces in white sheets, but today it’s in the media, it’s all over the internet, it’s in our politics, and it parades itself around as the great warrior against racism. Isn’t that interesting?! It shows how strong delusion and deception have really become in these last days.

But with the sweeping power of the virus and fear came a fresh resurgence of racism in 2020. Never mind the demonic talking points of the media or the Satanic lies of Marxist groups that are shoving down our throats critical race theory straight from the pit of hell. Ultimately the aim of the Spirit of Racism is to cause division among brethren. Used to, here in America where I currently live and call home, the bonds of freedom and love for this country were stronger than the message of critical race theory and identity politics, but through the rise of the power of media as it is presently constructed in this modern age the lies and propaganda of Satan have proven very effective in turning brother against brother in this land. Many have forgotten the great sacrifices of those who have gone before us, sacrifices which have come from every tribe, race, color, and creed to bring us to this place of freedom that we’ve enjoyed in this country for generations. Because we have forgotten our history we are doomed to repeat it’s worst parts. We’ve taken the bait of Satan to find a reason to hate our neighbor, and this bait of racism has come with the spirit behind covid.

I wish I could say that the body of Christ and it’s leadership passed this test with flying colors, but that would be a lie. We failed miserably the moment we joined the demonic cultural frenzy in calling for blood before we knew the facts. We failed miserably when we were happy to echo the media’s demonic talking points instead of taking the opportunity to preach the gospel, instead of taking the opportunity to call for the mending of our bonds of brotherly love through the power of Christ’s own forgiveness.

The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us a heart of love for all of mankind, regardless of race or color of skin, and the gospel overcomes the drug of hate which the Spirit of Racism injects the masses with through lies and propaganda. The gospel boldly declares that Christ has broken down the walls of division between Jew and Gentile, between White and Black, and has made of all tribes one new man (Eph.2:15). When you come to Jesus you are now a part of the Church of Jesus Christ, and this tribe should be the strongest and greatest tribe you identify with moving forward if you belong to Christ. How much it must hurt the heart of God to see countless ministers and leaders using their sanctified office that God gave to them for the preaching of the gospel to further the agenda of demons.

The body of Christ has been tested with the Spirit of Racism concerning our Revelation of Christ the Repairer of the Breach. Was the blood of Jesus enough to alleviate you of your hate, or are you too intoxicated by the Spirit of Racism via the world and it’s ways to let go of your hate? For the celebrity preacher who was happy to show how woke they are, the question arises, “Is the money too good as you pet the Spirit of Racism? Is eating at Jezebel’s table too tasty to repent of your sin and preach the unadulterated gospel again? For some the money and status that Jezebel gave through this wicked spirit was just too irresistible to pass up. Points on social media were much more appealing than treasures in heaven and the reproach of Christ for the near-sighted carnal preacher this last year.


The test of politics came through both the rise of MAGA and the rise of Marxism in the nations this last year. The test in MAGA was in going too far with a man where it takes glory away from God and causes us to trust more in a man than we do in God himself for this hour. The test in Marxism comes with the allure of a governmental structure and a political ideology that gives utopian promises that ultimately only Christ can fulfill. Those who prosper in their wickedness will ultimately one day be dealt with, and indeed the meek shall inherit the earth (Ps.37), but the promise and fulfillment of such things can only come from Christ and his kingdom, and the evil spirits behind marxism know this.

But understand saints, both MAGA (the movement that Trump has been leading) and Marxism are deeply religious and spiritual. Both have cult-like followings and both have cult-like spiritual fanaticism. For the compromised MAGA member Trump is going to establish the New Zion in America, and for the Marxist members they will have their Zion too as they bring those wicked rich people to their knees and empower the poor. Both are rooted in lies and both cause us to take our eyes off of King Jesus and the promise & vital solution of his coming kingdom.

Is Jesus enough and is his kingdom political solution enough for the world and it’s problems or do we have to come up with our own in the meantime? Is the promise of his kingdom enough or do we have to birth an Ishmael in our unbelief and wavering? Is King Jesus enough, is the gospel enough to see love and peace reign over the human heart, or do we need help from another?

If you recall, when Jesus was on the earth in human form they tried to take him by force and make him into their physical king. But He refused their own short-sided political agenda, because that was not the eternal purpose for which He came to fulfill at that time. The Jews wanted to know the physical address of the kingdom, but Jesus told them to not go looking out there in the world for the kingdom, for the kingdom of heaven is within (Lk.17:21). Every time they tried to take his mission and mold it their political ideology He rejected their efforts and rebuked them for it.

When Jesus ultimately ended his mission in glorious death, that was the last straw for many of his followers who were only tied to him based on their own political aspirations; based on their own allegiance to the political spirit. But those who were born again, according to the seed, according to the revelation of Christ, rejoiced and pressed forward in faith knowing that Jesus, along with the hope of his Promise, was enough for them. The body of Christ is facing that same challenge among both liberal and conservatives believers alike today. Is Christ enough, or do you need to exalt a false Messiah? Is Christ enough, or do you need to aid in the manifestation of a Marxist utopia which is ultimately a lie and an illusion? Do we have faith enough to wait for the son of David to take up his throne, or are we going to raise up our Saul and put the crown upon his head because we’ve lost sight of the Promise?



“And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us.”

In closing I want to encourage you along these lines. Just as it says in (Heb.11:39-40), you can obtain a good testimony even if you join the patriarchs who have gone before you, and die having not yet received the promise. We are indeed being tested on every side, and some are going home prematurely. Some are being overtaken by the tide of evil that is flooding the earth. Some are being overwhelmed at moments throughout the week and are feeling weakness in their faith and in their walk. But God’s grace is sufficient for you in this hour, and for those who are heirs according to the Promise, that promise is going to see you through! We don’t understand why some believers die having not received the promise of divine healing, even though they were standing and believing for it with all their heart. We don’t know why some go to cast out this spirit and this spirit ends up biting them and taking them out, even though they did so in faith and purity of heart. But what matters is that we hold to the testimony of Christ til’ the end.

In the book of revelation we see the Dragon hating the most those who hold fast to their faith and to the testimony of Jesus (Rev.12:17). That is ultimately the plan of Satan when He engineers such tests and trials for the people of God. He’s trying to take our testimony through the trying of our faith. How many have lost faith in God after they prayed for a relative with cancer and the relative died in the prime of life, and now the person who was believing doesn’t serve God anymore? How many have we seen walk away from the Lord because they were believing with all of their heart for God to restore their marriage, but for whatever reason it didn’t happen and their spouse moved on and married another? These are the stories of those who went through the fire, who went through the trial of their faith, and lost the testimony of Jesus along the way. But to the faithful, to the elect of God who are heirs according to the promise, their testimony will stand sure to the end, even if they are struck down in the prime of life. Like the three Hebrew boys in Babylon, their witness will be, “Let it be known oh king that our God will deliver us from this fiery furnace, and even if He doesn’t we will not bow the knee” (Dan.3:18). This is a representation of an overcoming bridal company living in these last days and God wants you to know today that there is grace to run your race well no matter what adversity you face. There is grace to overcome even when it seems that you’ve been overcome. There is grace even though many are dying having not yet received the promise.

In his Service,

Stephen Powell



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