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In a recent interview of Bill O’Reilly by Glenn Beck, on Beck’s “Blaze TV” show, Bill O’Reilly downplayed the seriousness of the hour saying that “there will never be a violent revolution in America, only criminality”. This was a disturbing thing to Stephen simply because: 1) The concept of violent revolution is not far-fetched, considering that this nation was founded out of violent revolution and overthrowing a tyrannical government 1776, and 2) This was the same language that the British elites used in the 1700’s. Patriots were branded criminals, and had the colonies not won that war, history on this matter would have been written by the conquering Brits, and people like George Washington and Paul Revere would have lived in on in the history books in infamy, being sold as dishonorable criminals that needed to be put down by the righteous conquerors.

Although there is concern that things could get out of control in a bad way right now in America, especially since the Capitol building incident on January 6th, let’s be clear about the “context” for this civic unrest. This is not an unrest created by liberal lies through Black Lives Matter and demonic critical race theory; this is not an unrest created by opportunistic lazy looters who live on welfare and think that everyone owes them something; this is an unrest created by the government because the government has illegally shut down people’s businesses while enriching Walmart and Amazon. This is an unrest created by the tyranny of kingpins like Cuomo and Newsom, who have been trampling all over people’s constitutional rights for months, arresting innocents and setting free violent criminals. The context of the current unrest among conservatives and freedom loving Americans is important. The context is legitimate tyranny. This is why Stephen believes that Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly’s recent rhetoric is “dangerous”; because you run the risk of doing the same thing that tyrannical Brits did centuries ago: labeling patriots as criminals in order to aide the tyrannical government in their efforts to squash freedom. This is why Stephen chose to make this video and speak out against their ideas.


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