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In yesterday’s article we began to open up a passage from (Ez.14) and discuss the implications this prophetic scripture has for the prophetic movement today, especially the prophetic movement that is operating in the west. We talked about the various reasons why such a jolting scriptural concept would still apply to God’s people today regardless of the church today living under a better covenant than the children of Israel at the time this scripture was written. Today we will continue this discussion and go further into the text in (Ez.14).


It’s a fair question which must be willingly asked by the prophetic movement today, especially in America in regards to the 2020 Presidential election. If it could happen to the elders of Israel and the prophets in the time of Ezekiel then it can happen to the leaders of the church and the prophets living today as well. To suggest otherwise is most likely nothing more than pride and obstinance to the Word of God. Humble yourself in the sight of God this day. It’s the first step to actually becoming someone that can really learn from the Lord.

Below is a picture which was captured on February 26th, 2021 at CPAC, the most popular conservative conference in America, at which President Donald Trump spoke at (which happened to be his first public speaking engagement since leaving the White House). It shows a literal golden statue which was built in his image that was brought to the convention. I’ve also included a word below from a friend of mine named Ron Cantor who’s a leader in the Messianic community in Israel today. He felt the Lord speak to him before the election that the Lord would not allow Trump’s presidency to continue another four years because the church had made him into an idol in their hearts.

“On Sept.6th I heard a clear voice tell me that Donald Trump would not be reelected because people have turned him into an idol. I was not a "Never Trumper" and intended to vote for him. God gave me the image of the Golden Calf. I shared this on Nov. 7th. Most people rejected it. Here is what I did not share because I just didn't have the heart to...He said it would be crushed and people would be made to drink it (as in the Exodus story).”

- Ron Cantor, February 26th, 2021, Facebook (1).

Now I know people can get a little carried away today in the prophetic with thinking everything is a sign from the Lord. To some people everything is a sign, and a lot of it is just confirmation bias which our brains are trained to look for in order to confirm what we already believe about a matter. But prophetic signs which occur in the course of life (not just supernaturally) are a part of God’s prophetic alphabet if you will. It’s one of the many ways that God spoke in biblical times and still speaks today, many times to confirm a word we’ve received. I for one choose to believe that this was a clear sign from the Lord. If you don’t, that’s fine, I still love you. But I do. It was around this same time, the end of February of this year, that I was reading through the book of Ezekiel in my private devotions and I stumbled upon the prophetic relevancy of Ezekiel’s fourteenth chapter.


Here’s another quote from someone who has been on the opposite end of this, Johnny Enlow. I respect Johnny. I believe He’s a brother who loves the Lord, but I just think there’s some things that he’s failing to see in the prophetic movement, in light of the scriptures. This was taken from a post of his that he uploaded to his facebook page on January 26th, 2021:

“So once those of you bashing and demanding apologies from the prophets are done with that... how will you ever motivate yourself or anyone to ever fast and pray and worship and press in and go to the courts of heaven and vote ...EVER again? If God was unmoved by literally millions around the world united with us in this endeavor to see God’s justice, life and liberty exalted then how do we go back to Him for anything again? Are you seeing the executive orders the alternative is making? Does it really even require a prophetic word to know the righteousness choice and decision? Maybe turn your disappointment with God not following your timing... away from the prophets who stand ...and wrestle with Him about your disappointment... and then get back into believing for HIM to step in miraculously as He said.” - Johnny Enlow, January 26th, 2021, Facebook (2)

As for me personally, I have no problem believing God for miraculous turn arounds to bad situations. My only requirement is that I must be convinced it is God’s will to bring about such a turn around based on my knowledge of the scripture and based on what I believe the Holy Spirit has confirmed personally to my own heart. Concerning the Trump prophecies for re-election to office in 2020, and the subsequent words concerning a miraculous recovering of the office during Joe Biden’s tenure, I’ve never been fully persuaded that these were solid words from the Lord. I became more sure of this as time went on after November 3rd, 2020 as God continued to speak to me giving me understanding of what was happening.

But for this particular discussion I wish to draw your attention to Mr. Enlow’s words when He says:

“..How will you ever motivate yourself or anyone to ever fast and pray and worship and press in and go to the courts of heaven and vote ...EVER again? If God was unmoved by literally millions around the world united with us in this endeavor to see God’s justice, life and liberty exalted then how do we go back to Him for anything again?

In answer to this question posed by Mr. Enlow I would simply say, “Easy. I’ll tell them that the bible, the word of God has the answers for our state of confusion, our disappointments, and our let downs, and that this was no fault of God’s what happened with the election.” I would also say, “I think you’re asking the wrong questions. One of the most important questions is: Why have millions of Christians who were mobilized to fast, pray, & vote been so let down? Is there a biblical explanation as to why we would cry out to God for the answer to our question, “Will Donald Trump win re-election in 2020”, he answers us, and it doesn’t happen? Is there a biblical explanation as to why He would answer us by his Spirit, through his prophets, and it all still goes so horribly wrong? I present the revelation which Ezekiel gave to the elders of Israel in his day. I believe that God answered us according to the idol we made of Donald Trump in our hearts.

Now, at this juncture I wish to say, just as the saying goes: “if the boot doesn’t fit then don’t wear it”. If you’ve searched your heart, prayed through, and you know that your prayers were pure, your heart was pure, and you were just fighting for freedom, for abortion to end, and for your children’s children’s future, then God bless you. Don’t take any burden upon you which is not yours to bear. My explanation here is not for the pure of heart but for those who have that idol in their hearts and didn’t even know it. Only the Lord can tell you if that was you. I can’t, nobody can, only the Lord can, for he is the one who searches the deep and hidden things (1 Cor.2:10). But nonetheless I do believe, according to this word from the Lord with this scriptural reality staring at the present day prophetic movement, that this is exactly what happened in the hearts of millions. God did indeed answer us according to our idols and allowed us to stumble in front of the world. It’s time to repent and get back to Jesus being the Savior alone, a job which only He can do!

We’ll continue this discussion tomorrow in Part three!

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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