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A mentor of mine once said that a crisis is necessary for a great story of triumph. Another one once said that the key to success is actually failure. I was told to fail hard and fail often, because it’s the only way to learn. If a person does not master the art of “failing forward” as John C. Maxwell puts it (which is the art of learning from your mistakes, moving forward, and not letting your failures take you out), then you can never be truly successful. This is great wisdom which we must grasp in our day if we are to be the bride of Christ, if we’re to be the glorious triumphal church which God has called us to be.

Do you currently find yourself in rut in life from the feeling of failure that’s seemingly overtaken you? Do you currently find yourself at a point of crisis? Then it’s a perfect time for a personal encounter with Christ in the midst of your crisis so you can advance like never before! I pray this series entitled “Encountering Christ in Crisis” is a blessing to you!


The Apostle Peter was a great man of God whom Jesus accredited as having received “The Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ '' first among his disciples. A revelation which the entire church would be built upon (Matt.16:16-18). This revelation was so powerful Jesus said upon this rock (which I believe was the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ) the gates of hell would not prevail against the church. But despite Peter’s incredible feats, despite his amazing revelation of the Lord, despite the privilege of his proximity to the Lord while He was on the earth in human form, he still found himself at a point of crisis when He failed to heed Jesus’ words of warning prior to the crucifixion.

As you may recall, Jesus clearly warned Peter in his zeal to not neglect his ministry of prayer, even prevailing prayer, for the hour of testing was upon them. Jesus foresaw that Satan would come and try to sift Peter while He took the Lord and murdered him (Lk.22:31). It was accounted unto Satan and the rulers of the age as being the crucifiers of our Lord (1 Cor.2:8), but it is accredited unto Peter as the one who betrayed the Lord when the hour of his testing did come.

Peter in his zeal boisterously did declare to the Lord, “Even if I have to die with you I will not deny you” (Matt.26:35), but Jesus knew that He was not yet ready to overcome the test and the trial that was to come. So Jesus prayed for Peter (Lk.22:32). In this prayer I believe a provision of grace was made for the Apostle when Jesus knelt upon the earth and offered up intercession on his behalf. I believe those prayers which our Lord sowed on his knees for this man were so that Peter’s point of crisis would not take him out completely for the rest of his life. The Lord’s prayers kept him near in spirit as Peter strayed back to his old life tending nets down on the sea, but it was a fresh visitation in Jesus’ resurrection state that restored Peter to his divine calling and ultimately got him back on track with his destiny. Are you in need of a divine visitation in your current moment of crisis? Are you in need of a reminder from the Lord concerning what you're really called to? Call out to him in your crisis. Call out to him in your great need. He’s ready to help get you back on the right path!


For this series of articles we will draw our inspiration from the last chapter in the gospels, John chapter 21, where Jesus appeared to restore Peter and counsel his disciples one last time before ascending on high. We’ll start with verse one. Let’s read together!


“After these things Jesus showed Himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias, and in this way He showed Himself:”

I believe the Lord would say to us that we need to be ready for the different “ways” which God will show himself to us in this next season. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, & the Life, and no man comes to the Father except by him (Jn.14:6). Jesus is “the” way, but he comes in many different ways and forms.

The children of Israel were baptized into the Red Sea. They were plunged beneath that crimson flood by going through “the way” that God made for them through the sea. This was a manifestation of Christ which came by the Spirit, the Ruwach of God from the east wind that blew (Ex.14:21). This is the “way” that Yeshua made for God’s people to be saved & delivered. The way that Christ eventually came in his bodily form was a way that many of the Jews did not anticipate or accept, therefore many of them missed the Messiah when He was made manifest in his human form. Only a remnant received the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ for the lost sheep of the house of Israel when He came, and only a remnant was added to the church at that time. The Jews to this day are still a remnant within the church making up less than 1% of the global body. Let us not be among those who miss the Lord because we did not discern the different ways and forms which he comes in. Let us be like Moses who was not content just to know and see the Lord’s mighty acts, but was one who had to know the ways of the Lord (Ps.103:7)!

In this story, in the last chapter of the gospel of John, Jesus again came by the sea to minister to his disciples. This time He came as the “Repairer of the Breach” (Is.58:12). There was a breach between him and Peter which Peter had caused by his own sin and betrayal. Peter separated himself from the Lord & laid down his calling by stumbling in the hour of his temptation, but Jesus came to him in grace and love. Jesus came to Peter in his time of crisis when Peter felt lost and confused, and Jesus restored him.

In tomorrow’s article we will continue with the reading of this scripture passage and go deeper into the story of how Jesus supernaturally restored Peter to his divine purpose and re-established him in his call!

In His Service,

Stephen Powell



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