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At a molecular level, division is necessary for life. Without your cells dividing millions of times over there would be no growth, no healing, which would amount to no further life. Scientists know this well. Your body knows this well. It’s time the church recognized this natural part of life (which we cycle through often in the body of Christ) and learn to grow through division.

According to medical science, cell division is necessary for “replacing worn out cells” and “creating more cells in response to a need your body has” (1). Can there be a more fitting parallel provided for the necessity that is revival? Many people misappropriately interpret and romanticize revival, having either never been involved in one or never led in one. Revival is pleasure, yet it is also incredible pain. Revival is unity for some, but division for a lot. Revival is both life and death. Usually, for a new move of God or a new revival to really take root and take off, the former move of God must come to an end. Like so many of the denominations that have stood the test of time, which started in the overflow of moves of God in the earth, the structures continue long after the flame has diminished. Just as Saul’s kingdom rule lasted for many years after the kingdom spiritually was torn from him and given to another (1 Sam.15:28), so is the story of many denominations. The cloud and the fire seem to move, even though the structure and some of the blessings remain. But we must remember the words of wisdom from the Song of Songs: “There is a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which has been planted” (Song of Songs 3:2) In order for there to be growth, in order for there to be life that goes on, there must be division in the church which facilitates the end of one move and the freshness of a new. This is what I believe to be happening in the Spirit-filled church, in particular the Prophetic Movement. There has been a massive divide and break for many within this movement and from this movement, and all the king's horses and all the king's men will not be able to put this thing back together again. But this is a good thing. It’s a sign that God has something fresh for those who would go on with the horse and keep following the cloud!


Without the tragedy of Cain & Abel, we would not have seen Seth and all the blessings that came forth from him and his line.

Without the death of Esau’s destiny, we would not have seen Israel born as a nation and blessed by the Lord.

Without the cruelty of Joseph’s journey we would not have seen Israel positioned for growth in the crucible of Egypt.

Without the devastation of 400 years of slavery we would not have seen Israel emerge as a strong and wealthy nation, whose numbers multiplied making them a mighty people and terrible army, just as the Lord had promised Abraham by the stars of heaven and the sand of the sea.

Without the end of Eli’s house we would not have seen the emergence of Samuel and the starting of a new priestly line who carried both the heart and mind of the Lord, to stand before the Lord forever (1 Sam.2:35).

Without the end of Saul’s house and the judgment that came, we would not have seen the emergence of the throne of David and the establishment of the Messianic line of kings.

Without the disappointment of David being rejected of the Lord for the building of the temple because of the blood on his hands from war, we would not have seen Solomon inherit the title of “The Temple Building King”, for the glory of the Lord.

Without the death & burial of Christ Jesus our Lord, we would have no resurrection, no power over sin. We would not have the church at all.

Without the severe chastisement of ancient covenant Israel, we would not have seen God show kindness to the Gentiles by sending them the gospel and grafting them into the covenant which God made with Abraham (Rom.11:16-22).

Without division in the body we would have never broken free from pagan Catholicism.

Without division in the body we would have never seen the holiness movement.

Without division in the body we would have never broken free to see the Pentecostal move.

Without division in the body we would have never seen the Voice of Healing Movement break forth in the 40’s & 50’s.

Without division in the body we would have never seen the Charismatic Renewal in the 60’s & 70’s.

Without division in the body we would have never seen the Prophetic Movement & the Word of Faith Movement in the 80’s, the renewal of the 90’s, and on and on it will go until the end of this age. I think you get the point. Without death there can be no life. Without the end we can never see new beginnings. Without division we can never see new growth.


As medical science concludes for the body, so is it true for the church. Cells get worn out. They break down and have a basic need to divide and perpetuate life for the body. The church gets old, outdated, and worn out. Our methods become obsolete, our structures become inefficient having been built for a former day. We fail to optimize for harvest and discipleship both spiritually and practically, so God brings along a fresh move. He blesses and energizes a new vehicle within the church for growth, harvest, expansion, and advancing the kingdom. This happens in a macro sense all across the body, but it also happens in a more micro sense within each of the “departments” if you will, within the church. We’re currently seeing a massive split and division within what I call the Charismatic/Spirit-filled Church, namely the Prophetic Movement. But as I’ve made abundantly clear thus far, this is for new growth and new life! We must see this from God’s perspective and quit fighting against what God has worked so hard to orchestrate.

If there’s anyone reading this article that loves revival or has ever been a part of one, I have news for you... you were a part of division not just a fresh fun move of God. Every revival in history caused division, and in order for most revivals to happen the leaders who were a part of them usually had to split from the ministry or organization they were a part of before the revival started. Like a flame that moves toward fresh oxygen and fuel to stay alive, so does the flame of God, the Lampstand of the Lord, stay moving from generation to generation, from structure to structure, to advance the life of the kingdom in the earth. Separation is necessary for the fire of God’s Spirit to live, breathe, and continue spreading throughout the earth.

To everyone out there who’s “fed up” with all of the division in the body of Christ, I would dare to say your emotion of frustration is most likely due to your lack of understanding as to just how life-giving this divide will end up being. Lift up your eyes to see above the division and death, to see the life that is coming and is already here now as we speak! See the hand of God in the prophetic blunders of 2020, the pride and obfuscation of 2021, and the disappointment and letdown of the Cyrus prophecies which promised to make America into the New Jerusalem (I’m joking… kinda!). Nothing has been a surprise to God and He’s working all things together for our ultimate good. The only question is: Will we be a part of the new move, a part of the group that goes on with the Lord and keeps following the cloud by day and the fire by night? Will we humble ourselves, learn from our mistakes, or will we stay buried in this defiled prophetic culture which has proven to be incompetent, lacking honor, lacking integrity, unwise, & unhealthy? Will we be among those who go on with the Lord or will we be content to go on under the warm blanket of delusion? Samson has no hair, yet He does not know it yet. Can you see it? Can you see that they’ve fallen into the lap of Delilah and their eyes have been gouged out?


Once again I wish to assure you. God has orchestrated the current split in the Charismatic/Spirit-filled church. Without it, I’m convinced that many souls would have been lost as a result of where this movement is heading. The Lord in his mercy and in his grace has orchestrated a divine disruption. He has orchestrated a prophetic shift where He calling men and women back to the Word where true prophetic authority begins and ends!

Men & women have been promoted to the station of gods. Prophets have been exalted to the state of Charismatic Popes who claim to embody the very voice of God himself. These are deep and disturbing trends which, according to history, inevitably lead to apostasy and worse things still. But God being rich in mercy has allowed us to see the humanity and the weakness of those who have led us, of those who have held so much sway over our spiritual worldviews, over so much of our political projections and how they relate to our everyday lives. It’s high time we delivered the reins of the kingdom back into the hands of our Master and quit asking prophets and presidents to drive this chariot which only the Lord can drive. His kingdom is not of this world, and it is that kingdom which we should be interested in the most, not the kingdoms of this world, no matter how much our hearts may bleed red, white, and blue. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t follow the Spirit of God in our lives when He leads us to fight for good causes and be engaged in the culture wars as representatives of the kingdom, but there are limits to everything. Without those limits we find ourselves striving with the arm of the flesh for what only the Spirit of God can accomplish through grace.

Take comfort dear saints in this: God is working all things according to the counsel of his own will (Eph.1:11). Despite what transpires as a result of the weakness of men or the evil of our adversary God has a plan that He is executing with supernatural precision. I encourage you: Take this time to bring your confusion and disappointment before the Lord. Exchange it by grace, for comfort and assurance which comes by the Spirit. This comfort ultimately doesn’t come through seeing all of our prophecies hit or our favorite politicians re-elected. It comes supernaturally by the Spirit because it is a work of grace which supersedes the happenings of the natural realm. Remember that no matter who is President in Washington Jesus is always King of the Universe, and He can never be voted out! His reign is assured for eternity and you are his subject. You are his son or daughter and He is holding you right in the palm of his hand!

In His Service,




Article Refernces:

(1) Molecular Biology, 4th Edition, Section 1.4 “The Life Cycle of Cells”;


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